Dr. Arthur Janov's Primal Center
For treatment, training and research

Dr. Arthur Janov's Primal Center was founded by Dr. Arthur Janov, developer of Primal Therapy, and author of The Primal Scream and other books.  The Primal Center is co-directed by Dr. A. Janov and Dr. France Janov.  The Primal Center serves three separate functions.  It is first a treatment center using the latest and most advanced techniques to help patients to their feelings; second, it is a training center for Primal Therapy; third, it is a research center where systematic psychophysiologic investigation takes place. 

The Primal Center is located in Santa Monica, California, USA.  (Santa Monica, California is part of the city of Los Angeles.)  Within the Center is a large space comprising several therapy rooms, a lounging area, a lecture hall and video facilities.  In addition to therapy, training, and research, we occasionally offer lectures, seminars, and roundtables for the general public at the Primal Center.

The Primal Center is a lot more than a clinic.  It is a style of life where the availability of the clinic for feeling is always present as are the therapists for their patients.

The very structure of the clinic indicates a place where feelings can happen.

Because patients are the center of power and discovery in this therapy, they take upon themselves to organize various events and other activities (e.g., Talent Night) to weld the patients together.

“I wish to thank Dr. Janov personally for the great way in which he has contributed to humanity in general, and to my own life especially.”  E.G., New Zealand


209 Ashland Ave., SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA 90405
TEL: (310) 392-2003 FAX: (310) 392-8554


Arthur Janov, Ph.D.
Founder and Director


E-mail: primalctr@earthlink.net
Website:  www.primaltherapy.com

France Janov, Psy.D.

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209 Ashland Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (310) 392-2003
Fax: (310) 392-8554
E-mail:  primalctr@earthlink.net