We are delighted to announce that we will be continuing our training program for a second year after an exceptionally successful first year of training conducted last year.

Beginning September 29, 2008, Drs. Arthur and France Janov will be welcoming back trainees from the previous year and first year trainees alike. It promises to be an exciting year as it offers a unique opportunity to learn about the first real science of psychotherapy.

Both aspects – theoretical and clinical – are essential in the training of primal therapists. Therapist must not be mere technicians, but must also be educated scientists. A good primal therapist must be able to appreciate and learn from current research, as well as be skilled in clinical practice.

The training will examine the scientific basis for Primal Therapy and thoroughly discuss the unique clinical approaches employed in the treatment of various emotional problems.

FOR OUR FIRST YEAR STUDENTS, the training will entail extensive work in the understanding of the basis for Primal Therapy. On the theoretical level, there will be an examination of issues that range from the nature of the unconscious to the nature of traumatic imprints and their lifelong effects on physical and mental health.

On the clinical level, trainees will have the opportunity to learn proper diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as they relate to Primal Therapy.

Through the instruction of senior therapists and collaboration with second year students, first year trainees will ‘sit’ for each other and have tape reviews of sessions that illustrate key concepts in Primal Therapy.

FOR OUR SECOND YEAR STUDENTS, the training will provide a unique and varied opportunity to gain more clinical experience. Thru more extensive and closely supervised clinical sessions, trainees will gain a deeper understanding of the various applied therapeutic methods and hone their skills as future therapists.

In addition, second year trainees will have the opportunity to work with first year students thru discussion groups, tape reviews, and clinical sessions.


The training program will begin September 29, 2008 and will end May 28, 2009. Drs. Arthur and France Janov along with other members of the Primal Center staff will participate in the training. A limited number of new trainees can be accepted for this session.

For enrollment, it is necessary to apply, send an autobiography and fill out the application questionnaire. (First year students only).

The training relates the insights and understanding of Primal Therapy World to current research in neuroscience within a broad frame of reference for treating emotional problems.

On the Theoretical level:
  • What is Primal Therapy?
  • The Nature of the Unconscious
  • The Nature of Trauma and Feeling
  • The Meaning of Integration: Abreaction and Symbolic
  • The Levels of Consciousness
  • The Prototype
  • The Nature of Defenses
  • The Trajectory of Feeling
  • Brain Structures and the Organization of Feeling
  • The Act Out and Neurotic Behavior
  • Psychosomatic Symptoms: Their Origin and Treatment
  • The Connection: Horizontal and Vertical Aspects
  • Research, Measurement of Feeling
  • How Love Sculpts the Brain
  • The Nature of the Imprint and Prototype
  • Why Do We Have to Relive Trauma
  • Awareness Versus Consciousness
  • Essence Versus Appearance:
  • Genotype versus Phenotype
  • How Much to Explain to Patients. How Much Before and After Session Discussion is Necessary.
On the Clinical level:
  • The Practice of Primal Therapy.
  • The Use of Videotapes to Help in Diagnosis and Therapy.
  • Senior Therapists Portraying Various Kinds of Ailment and Neurosis to Give Students Experience with a Variety of
  • Problems, From Suicidal Impulses, to Acting Out in the Family Situation.
  • Taping Actual Sessions of Students with each other and Patients, for a Review by Faculty.
  • Evaluation by all Students and Faculty of Progress by Students, What Needs to Improve.
  • Sensitivity, What is it? Can it Be Taught? How Active or Passive to Be and When?
  • Using Feeling as a Defense.
  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls.
  • How to Conduct Primal Groups Using Patient Interaction Constructively.
  • How Much to Explain to Patients. How Much Before and After Session Discussion is Necessary.
  • What Kind of Goals Are We Establishing for the Patient and Ourselves


The trainees will meet Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30pm and at 4:00pm, on Tuesday until the early evenings.


If you are applying to the training program for the first time the training will consist of:

  • Lectures from Dr. Arthur and France Janov and senior therapist
  • Review and discussion of video lectures from the first year of training two days each week,
  • Join the second year students for clinical work on the two other days per week.

For our second year trainees, the program will be clinically focused:

  • Clinical sessions with fellow trainees and patients
  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Extensive tape reviews of sessions
  • Group discussions


The fee for first year students is $ 4500.00.
For second year students the fee is $3,500.0

Due to the integral role that a therapist’s ability to feel plays in his work as a therapist, it is highly recommended that first year trainees undergo a three week intensive therapy. Both processes complete each other and allow for better results as a patient and as a trainee.

The three-week intensive includes:

  • 15 individual open-ended sessions with a primary therapist and co-therapist
  • All vital signs monitored before and after each session,
  • Any groups recommended by your therapist, and optional reviews of sessions

We will be offering a special $3,000.00 discount for new trainees who want to do their three-week intensive therapy during training.

 The total cost for the three-week intensive and the training program together is $8,450.00

Payment schedule:

Training for 1st year students:
$4,500.00 (deposit $2,000.00 by September 10, 2008)

If therapy is included in the training, the payment of the therapy is due at the reservation of a starting date.

Training for 2nd year students:
$3,500.00 (deposit $1,200.00 by September 10, 2008)

Training w/ 3 week intensive therapy: $8,150.00 - deposit $4,000.00 by September 10,2008

Balance due before December 25, 2008

If necessary, we can provide you with a letter for your visa application.

I hope you will join us. 

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