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Dr. Janov's latest and most important book,
Why love is an important ingredient in determining how the brain and personality develop, affecting us for a lifetime.
Going back in history to the source of unhappiness, depression, anxiety and addiction to undo the damage.

A Revolution in Psychology; The First Science of Psychotherapy*

Previously known as Words Won't Do It, or The Miracle of Feeling
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We are pleased to announce two exciting and ground-breaking books forthcoming from Dr. Arthur Janov: The Janov Solution: Lifting Depression Through Primal Therapy , Beyond belief! and Sex and the Subconscious. See below for advance sales information.

The Janov Solution: Lifting Depression Through Primal Therapy
Now in bookstores


This is a book that indicates that is almost impossible to eradicate deep depression without plunging into the depths of the unconscious where the basis of it all lies.

Dr. Janov has found a way to investigate the deep brain system that provides the underpinnings of depression. And further, he has a system to eradicate the pernicious imprinted memories that cause us to be helpless and hopeless in adult life. He had discovered that the symptoms of depression are exactly those of a certain kind of birth trauma. If we put an overlay over the current symptoms, they describe exactly the birth process. Luckily, there is a way out of all.

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Beyond belief!
In preparation


This book examines what forces in us drive us to believe in mystics, healers and gurus. What unconscious impulses lead us to join cults, and reveals how feelings become beliefs in the brain. Dr. Janov discusses all of this through the autobiographies of patients who have lived it. He also examines how the government functions as a cult with the same dynamics as any cult leader from Jim Jones to Rajneesh and to Ben laden.

There is a chapter on the born again, conversion experience and why that happens. Another on what makes a leader or healer and what makes a follower. He cites many research studies on how thinking something will kill pain actually does, and why that happens. He analyzes belief systems and how they function to keep us comfortable. That the brain doesn’t care if it is Islam, the Republican Party or “the secret,” it all works the same in the brain. What he points out is that the thought of a deity makes us believe in it whereas it is the thought itself that relieves and soothes us.

This is the first thorough account of how beliefs work in the brain to bring us comfort and calm. But it is a spurious calm since there is a seething caldron of pain that lies below beliefs that will make us sick and shorten our lives.


Sex and the Subconscious: Perversions and Diversions in the Realm of the Libido
In preparation


Mining the most fascinating case histories taken from more than five decades of clinical study, Dr. Arthur Janov’s Sex and the Subconscious explores both the commonplace and arcane aspects of human sexual health. Demystifying one of the most highly personal yet least understood subjects, Sex and The Subconscious shows how memories of experiences that occur during our nine months in the womb, at birth, and early childhood are imprinted into the subconscious, only to emerge in adulthood as any of numerous sexual patterns and behaviors.


Dr. Janov unravels the mystery behind some of the most complex cases of sexual dysfunction and explains clearly the origins of many problems. Illuminated by first person accounts of patients who have successfully undergone Primal Therapy treatment, Sex and the Subconscious identifies numerous causes behind the kaleidoscopic spectrum of human sexual behavior, including common patterns such as frigidity, impotence, and low-libido, as well as more extreme behaviors such as exhibitionism, sado-masochism, fetishes, and the need for countless sex partners. Some of the sexual patterns that are an outgrowth of incest, the greatest taboo, are revealed in a variety of case histories.


Sex and the Subconscious shows how our sexual-self is the most important aspect of our being, and the clearest indicator of overall health. It clarifies the difference between love and lust, the chemical basis of each, and why we so often confuse the two. In a chapter entitled “The Womb As A Black Box,” we learn how stress to the carrying mother during pregnancy determines the child’s health and later sexual behavior. In another chapter, “Hormones of Love,” Dr. Janov reveals how we develop the ability to love very early in our relationship to our parents, and how that will affect our sex life later on.


One of the world’s most renowned psychologists, Dr. Janov has studied sexual behavior not as an isolated symptom, but as part of the whole human being. In Sex and the Subconscious, Dr. Janov clearly establishes how our sexual health mirrors our overall physical health, and how treating the whole patient, not just a symptom, is the only way to achieve real and long-term healing.


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Mentoring Group Training Program Information Special Events at the Primal Center New Books on the Way





The mentoring group is designed to help you with various practical problems of life (especially for those outside of Los Angeles). It is meant to help you talk about your current life problems, your crisis, or your difficulty to make a transition in your life. Its purpose is also to help you apply the feelings you experience in therapy into your life as well as integrating your insights into concrete decisions. It will be particularly helpful to those of you who are overloaded and/or isolated, as you will be able to meet others in similar situations.

Patients who have already participated have found the group very helpful and a useful addition to their therapy. The fee is $120 for the program, which includes 6 groups. There is no refund for non-attended group. Please contact us at (310) 392-2003 if you have any questions.



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At Dr. Arthur Janov's Primal Center we continually offer special events for our patients.  Some events are open to former patients (also see open door policy for returning patients) and/or the general public; this is particularly true when Drs. France and Arthur Janov give a seminar or roundtable.  We announce these events regularly in this section of our web page.  You can also check with us by e-mail, or call us at (310) 392-2003.






Description of Special Events that occur every year at the Primal Center:



We have had many mini-retreats at the Center over the last few years and patients seem to really enjoy them.

The purpose of a mini-retreat is to bring together all people participating in Primal Therapy: Staff, trainees and patients, for a weekend of communal living.  Mini-retreats typically include a roundtable and a group dinner.


Mini-retreats are especially helpful for those of you who are loners, and have difficulty socializing. It allows you to take new steps and feel whatever might come up right then and there, in a safe environment.

Mini-retreats are more than the sum of their events. It is the continuum of all that happens, sharing feelings and experiences that have made them significant events for those who have participated.


"I will travel 3,000 miles anytime to come to your retreats." C.N., New Jersey



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Drs. Arthur and France Janov conduct roundtables regularly on various topics at the Primal Center.  A roundtable is an open forum of ideas with audience participation.  Our roundtables are always open to patients, and often open to the general public.  Subjects for roundtables in the past have included:  Sexuality; Primal Therapy:  An Extraordinary Tool; Feelings and the Brain; The Influence of First Line in our Life; What is Wellness?; and Birth and Its Lifelong Effects.


VHS tapes and DVDs of some of our past roundtables are now available for purchase.  Please click here for information.


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The idea of a primal Halloween group is that you all come dressed as your secret self. This means the person you are but are afraid to show, the person you wish to be, you don't want to be, etc.

Anyone who does not come in a costume (street clothes are not considered a costume) or is not dressed as his/her secret self will not be admitted.

You do not have to rent anything expensive. You can express it very simply and do it yourself. Examples: we have had a computer (wrapped in foil), chains (for those prisoners of their pain), clowns, dressing as the opposite sex, etc.

Halloween group is an extraordinary event and we recommend that you attend. A lot of feelings can come out of it.

Art and France will run Halloween group.

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A Thanksgiving dinner is usually part of the mini-retreat that occurs around that date.  The meal involves a catered traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which has been excellent.  The Thanksgiving dinner usually follows a roundtable.  The roundtable and Thanksgiving dinner are open to all "old patients", as well as the general public.  The dinner is usually very significant to those who attend, especially those don't have a family with which to spend Thanksgiving.


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All current patients and "old patients" are invited.  As our patients change through therapy, a lot of them — already talented, or discovering a new talent — use the opportunity to show off their talent in a night of great fun and feelings.  Attended by patients only, Talent Night is always a memorable evening — and we are always impressed to see how creative our patients are.


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In the spirit of Christmas, this is a free group.  The fee for the group can be donated to the Primal Foundation.  Directed by Drs. Arthur and France Janov, with a special appearance by Santa Claus.  All patients are invited to attend as well as "old patients".  Drinks and cookies afterwards.  This is always a productive evening in terms of feelings as Christmas carried a lot of significance for most patients when they were children.  It is also heart-warming especially for those who are alone for Christmas or far from their family.  Lots of Christmas get-togethers are organized among patients during this evening.


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While in therapy, patients can attend a program of education in the fundamentals of Primal theory and how it applies in their own therapy. Orientation is held once a year for eight weeks in January and February. We encourage all patients to take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase their understanding of Primal theory and apply it to their own experiences.  The program is a combination of lecture and open discussion on such topics as Need, Repression, The Chain of Pain, The Three Levels of Consciousness, Act-Outs and Symptoms, What is Proper Primal Therapy, Resolution and Integration in Primal Therapy, Primal Therapy and Sexuality, Drugs, What is “Wellness”, etc.


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