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About Dr. France Janov

Dr. France D. Janov is the Co-Director of The Primal Center, located in Santa Monica, California. Along with Dr. Arthur Janov, best-selling author and eminent psychotherapist, Dr. France D. Janov oversees both the training and clinical programs at The Primal Center. 

In 1980 she married Arthur Janov and accompanied him at numerous conferences throughout Europe and South America. It was during this period that Dr. France Janov translated The Primal Scream, Prisoners of Pain, and The Feeling Child into French. Later she would supervise the translation and editing of The New Primal Scream, published in 1991. Dr. France D. Janov also took part in editing several of Dr. Arthur Janov's other books as well as the development of films on Primal therapy. 

In 1982 the Janovs relocated in Paris with the opening of the European Primal Institute. Dr. France D. Janov was both the administrator of the Paris Institute and Dr. Arthur Janov's research assistant in London and did clinical work. She was also responsible for the creation and management of the Primal Foundation. 

In 1989 Dr. Arthur Janov opened the Primal Center in Santa Monica, California with the goal of training Primal therapists. Dr. France D. Janov assisted in the training by teaching classes and supervising tape reviews. In 1991she was named Co-Director, assuming responsibility for the clinical training program and supervision of the Advanced therapists' work with patients, as well as treating patients. 

She holds a Doctorate in Psychology and continues to be an integral part of Dr. Arthur Janov's research into the causes of Pain and its resolution and has become a speaker in her own right.


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