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Dr. Arthur Janov examines the power of beliefs and how they are used as a mechanism for dealing with early trauma that goes as far back as birth. Beliefs are a way to rationalize with pain rooted deep in the unconscious, and reveal that love is a biological need. Dr. Janov applies engrossing case studies and his many years of experience to bring the reader one step closer to understanding human behavior, and how pain can become converted into an idea. Available on Amazon:

This is Dr. Janov's opus magnum, a revolutionary work in every sense of the word. It may help to change the practice of psychotherapy as we know it, and above it, how we give birth today; the shoulds and should nots. It explains in detail how early trauma and adversity can have lifelong consequences and result in serious afflictions from cancer to diabetes. It can have monumental implications for medical practice, as well, and points to how we can rear healthy children.

Dr. Arthur Janov's Blog
A collection of articles by Dr Arthur Janov and comments from his readers.

Patients' Comments and Insights.

Please scroll here to read comments patients have made about their experiences with Primal Therapy, and insights that have resulted. 

(All comments are presented with patients' permission. Many of the comments are unedited. In some cases, the comments are written by people for whom English is not a first language.)

"Art's writing brought me to Primal Therapy... And therapy saved our lives and has made all the difference. Please give Art our love."

P.H. 4. 2010 USA.

You're gone

But not in my heart and soul

I feel

Because of you

And your therapy

I wish you could have lived forever

I miss you

Before therapy

I couldn't feel

I couldn't love myself,


You saved my life

Thank you


J.H- October 1, 2018

Although I never met Dr. Janov personally, nonetheless he was one of the most important and influential people in my life, and his words have played a significant role in my progress.

R.M- April 2018

There are hardly any words to describe the great promise and enlightenment given to us by Dr. Arthur Janov and Dr. France Janov. Sadly, the immensity of his contribution may take a little more time. Yet, I know this recognition will be fully realized, unless humanity destroys itself before that time. Let us hope that the promise of PT arrives ahead of our neurotic self destructive effects.

O.P- January 2018

We all miss Art. I told him thank you for saving my life many times and still do in my feelings. "I miss you and love you Art, goodbye." I hope sometime I can visit with you to share our thoughts and love for him. He will always be in my thoughts forever.

W.C- January 2018

This year I married my lovely partner. I can tell you that this would not have happened without Primal Therapy. I struggled for many years with intimate relationships, constantly switching from one to the other in a mixture of ambivalent attachment, fear and neurosis, hurting lots of people and causing damage in the process.

After a good deal of therapy I began to understand my act outs and the causes and began to be able to commit more, and settled into a long term relationship. In and of itself, this was completely momentous. To actually see it through, to get married and to feel so much love for someone and to be happy and feel secure is wonderful beyond words. I cry as I write this. We did it exactly as we wanted to – in a woodland in the hills, peaceful and natural and beautiful.

This wouldn’t have happened without Primal, without Art. I thank Art, and all of you, from the bottom of my heart for the happiness I’m now able to experience. I did not have this before. The challenges are not gone, I still struggle, though a lot less than before – but the big difference now is that I have the tools to deal with it. And I know I’m not alone – others all over the world experiencing much better, happier lives, thanks to this therapy. These things are Art’s legacy, and that legacy is a beautiful thing.

A.S- December 2017 2018

Do you know how much the therapy has done for me? Art's insistence on staying true to the healing possibilities in the therapy has given me such a good life.

K.M- December 2017

I would say he wasn't one of the most important' but THE most important in the field of psychotherapy. Much more so than Freud, Jung and the others. There will never be another like him. I wish I could come for the therapy.

S.B- November 2017 2018

I was a primal patient with Art in California in 1975-76 - it was a good experience and cured my spastic colon. It also gave me a chance to go with friends to places like Palm Springs, Catalina Island and San Diego Zoo. It was a wonderful time and really made a difference in my life.

R.D- November 2017

What the primal process did for me and my daughter.

I came to start my therapy in 1975. I had my 2 year old daughter with me.

The process was long since my first line was deep and came from separate first line traumas, but together with having a small child additionally to feeling my death feelings it saved my live. I owe my emotional health to Art and the therapists he trained. I am very grateful.

Since I had a child that I could not consider abandoning, I also had just left the �love of my live� her father, I was forced to feel the feelings that came up, instead of acting them out.

Now after all this time I finally are mostly rid of those feelings, and if suicide enters my mind, I know where to take it.

My daughter consequently grew up being a strong woman and became a doctor, married with 3 children, who she has raised in a feeling way.

I want to add, that now after all this time I am able to love truly, myself and others, while before I always had to run away from people that hurt me, cut them out of my life because it hurt too much. Now I can verbalize my thoughts and feelings and understand others, which helps me keep friendships and other relationships.

If anything still stirs up my old pain I have the tools to deal with it, and than understand what reality is in a situation rather than reacting from the little girl inside of me.

R.L- October 2017

Dr. Janov has passed away but not without impact in our lives.

When I discovered his books, I was fascinated how humanistic his soul was. It was really the first time reading about human conditions that puts words and acknowledge to my symptoms. Not only mentally but as well physically! Finally!!!

So, I felt this person has a clue of how I feel and propose concrete solutions. Passion for his primal work soon began and then went to L.A.! Every one around me knows about Janov!

My life as a primal patient is a life of consciousness, light and hope.Consciousness because now I know more and more why I act in some ways. Light because I know better my past and this is not only a black hole like it was before. I am finally starting to choose myself. Hope because I know that I am on the right path, the path of healing slowly but surely.

M.G.- October 2017

Primal therapy is helping me on the path to myself! Who I am and should be and should have been all along! From a life of self-harm with drugs, alcohol to one where I am slowly stopping that relationship and forming a new one of self acceptance and even kindness sometimes!

From a life of total frigidity and numbness: sexually and in my ability to feel my feelings to slowly allowing some life and connection into my body and feelings. Not many of my feelings have been "conscious" as they originate very early in life when we are preverbal but still very much FEELING, so to articulate my pain and feelings to therapists from other backgrounds (or even to myself) has been impossible and disheartening to say the least.

What Art discovered, pioneered, protected and nurtured is so precious. This therapy that Art pioneered has the ability to help everyone right down to the little baby in the womb. If you are wounded anywhere in your life you can heal with this therapy. It is wonderfully profound while being so simple and innate to each of us.

I never met Art but have benefited from his writing and the mentoring of his wonderful staff and continue to heal with their expertise, kindness, and care. The love and care he put into training and mentoring his staff is palpable in each session we experience with them. Art will always be present in that sense. Rest in peace after such an amazing life, you are so missed.

L.N.- October 2017

Primal Therapy returned me to my true home � my feelings and my body.

I recall the day Art walked up to me at the Venice Center lobby, and told me something that remains with me to this day:

�You can do anything you want here.�

I realize now Art was giving me permission, encouragement, and guidance to once again be myself.

Because Primal Therapy reconnected me to myself and my feelings, inspiration flows through me once again, as they once did when I was a child. In fact, Art�s words are a continual inspiration.

Thank you Art. You showed me the way back home. You gave me the world. You remain in my heart always.

D.L.- October 2017

As I have been thinking about Art, Primal Therapy and what it has meant in my life, the one persistent thought that comes to mind is that Primal Therapy was the missing link for me.

I was a really wounded woman and repressed. I really didn't have a self at the time. I realized there was a missing link. That link was primal therapy.

That was the train that took me back to those painful places, to feel the actual pain and trauma of my life. The train that connected the present with the pass to shear the power that pain had over my life. My life is so totally changed since I did primal therapy. I'm not driven by the anger that I was carrying inside. I have felt the pain of not being loved and being alone. Could I, would I like to go deeper? Of course, because the deeper I go the freer I am!

A few things come to mind as I think of Art.

1. His commitment to primal Therapy. And his knowledge of the brain, the emotions and how they work together. It was really an honor to work with Art during my time at the Primal Center.

2. His humanness. I can't say how many times I heard him say �I fucked up� regarding his mistakes. He was able to acknowledge his mistakes. I experienced him as a kind, loving person.

Art was one of a kind, and can never be replaced. He will be greatly missed in this world, especially my world. Rest in Peace my friend!

G.W- October 2017

I first entered primal therapy in 1976 at 25 years old. For a number of years before entering therapy I had been doing a lot of different drugs and smoking marijuana and cigarettes daily. After entering therapy I quit drugs and since then have had no desire whatsoever to do drugs again. In therapy I felt a lot about losing my father at a very young age and never really having him. I was married at the time, then left my husband. I felt an inability to really love or care. The feelings that I had with my father were about how he never loved or cared about me and that he never really wanted me. In feeling my father�s lack of love for me I gained the ability to love and feel loved.

I was insanely jealous prior to therapy feeling that I was going to lose my husband and that someone would take him away from me. In therapy I felt how my father didn�t love or want me and how he never wanted his family, my mother, my brother, and me. Feeling that meant I no longer had to feel fearful and threatened in the present. After therapy the first time around I felt like I could live my life and feel ok and good. I married a second time and had two beautiful daughters. I felt the ability to truly love.

I re-entered therapy again in 2011 at 60 years old. I became constantly aware of how terribly fearful I was. I felt afraid of everything. I felt extremely dependent upon my husband. I couldn�t think on my own or make decisions. I felt like I was losing myself as a person. In therapy this time around I felt over and over how afraid I was as a child. This general feeling of fear that encompassed me day in and day out throughout my childhood. My mother was schizophrenic and my father was absent, uncaring, unloving, and didn�t want his wife or children. The more of the fear that I felt the less fear I felt in my own present life. My relationship with my husband steadily started to improve. He re-entered therapy as well. And we were loving each other feeling closer than we had in what seemed like a very long time. I was feeling stronger as a person, less afraid and feeling like I was finding myself again.

Then my husband got very sick quickly and died. I lost the love of my life and my best friend. This was 2 1/2 years ago and I find that I am struggling a lot. I miss him terribly and the loneliness is painful. But, without primal therapy I don�t know how I could have done what I have all done. I felt over and over that I can�t do this alone, I can�t make it, I want to die, I am going to die. I felt heavily burdened with responsibilities that I needed to take care of, all on me alone. As a child I was heavily burdened and expected to take care of adult responsibilities that my mother was unable to and my father didn�t want to. This was all laid on me as a small child and throughout my life. These feelings kept me from being an adult and taking care of myself. I left a lot of these responsibilities to my husband; and now he was gone and I was alone and I needed to take care of everything.

Feeling the feelings in therapy, the heavy burden as a child. The feelings that I can�t make it, I want to die, I am going to die. These very early feelings that I felt from my beginning and throughout my childhood made it so that I could do it. I started to establish relationships; I reached out for help; I began to straighten out my financial mess; I sold my house: downsized, and donated, sold, gave away, got rid of 38 years of stuff; I moved; I did all this while holding down a full time job. I feel like I grew up and stopped looking to be taken care of. I leaned on my husband to take care of me. I never learned to take care of myself because my parents couldn�t and didn�t want to take care of me. I am certain that without primal therapy and without reliving those feelings I could not have done all of this.

After my husband died, Art and I exchanged many emails. His kind words brought me to tears and gave me strength to carry on. I will miss this great and kind man. I can�t imagine my life without having experienced Primal therapy. Thank you dear Art, in my heart you will remain forever.

J.H- October 2017

Sessions are a godsend for me. They lift the pressure off and calm me somewhat. The therapy is, bit by bit, letting me learn about who I�ve been and who I have turned out to be. It helps me face the reality of my life, much of which I would not choose, much of which I cannot change and some of which I cherish. The more I feel, the less feeling of doom and gloom I get.

Primal therapy allows me to be as honest as I can about what happened to make me who I am and to face life more realistically within the confines of my life. I have a lot more access to my anger, fears, sadness� but also joy. Prior to therapy I was unaware of the level of fear that my dominated my life. A lot of that fear is hinged on having an angry, alcoholic, father who did not want me in the world. The antidote to that was my mother who loved and cherished me. Therapy has given her back to me. Remembering how she spoke, how she smiled at me, how she hugged me and understood me gives me hope because I know I was once loved. I�m far more inclined, now, to stand up for myself. I�m far more able to object to things I don�t want or that I disagree with. I�m more aware, too, of my vulnerability and more able to express it to others as I�m getting less defended. Therapy has helped me trust myself more, my feelings about things and how to react in a more authentic, less guarded way.

When I was looking for real help in therapy it needed to be by someone who understood and would not diminish the trauma created at the start of life. Not just my own but to be able to also help me deal with the trauma experienced by my newborn disabled daughter. Because Dr. Janov was a true advocate for children, the Primal Center seemed the only place I would be able to get that help and be heard in order to try to move forward. And it was the right choice. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Janov (whom I sadly never met) for his work, and to Dr. France Janov and my therapists for providing the best therapy! It�s been a lifesaver and I only regret not having done it sooner.

J.L- October 2017

I was a perfect target for any kind of agenda that offered feeling even a little bit better. I would not have known what was possible and always felt that I had not tried hard enough so that I was my fault and that I was "bad" for feeling bad.

I'm lucky that when I went looking for a better happier life that I ran into people who recommended Primal Therapy. Even though it took me many years and I certainly got lost and confused during the process, my life is exactly what I want now. I truly understand what it feels like to be without pain. When I hurt I know that either a situation is familiar(and overwhelming) or that someone is trying to hurt me.

Both hurt and feeling bad is a reasonable response. One I can feel and the other I can get myself out of. I have learned to stay away from hurtful people and recognize the difference in the two situations. I never drank or did a lot of drugs. That stuff just didn't work for me. My painkillers are reading a lot and watching TV. If I find myself doing that, I stop.

K.M - October 2017

For Art

I didn't know you, just read the articles,

We spoke once seconds few,

They said you bragged with miracles,

And none of it was true.

You strived to be Messiah,

But lost your primal voice,

You sprinkled us with hope dust,

And taught us we had choice.

There's still a lot of pain to feel,

But you will not partake,

The world may seem much darker now,

Yet you did not forsake.

Your legacy shall be upheld,

We each will do our part,

The seeds for better life on earth,

You've sown in every heart.

The scream will spread despite resistance,

Though it may take a while,

Repressors and neurotics judge,

But truth prevails on trial.

Farewell ye mentor, you shall be missed,

Your final book you've writ,

Your pain you've left behind with us,

A light eternal lit.

N.A - October 2017

Song for Art!

I want to write a song about a man

Who created a therapy

That saved and prolonged my life!

And leads to inner harmony

Yeah it�s Primal Therapy

When you are in Pain

You can feel it and get better

So this song to Arthur Janov

It is a tribute to a man

Who created Primal therapy

A way to inner harmony!

H.K. - October 2017

Thank you for allowing us all to live our lives the way we were supposed to live it.

O.K. - August 2017

I am now well again and have my life back.

Primal Therapy, I discovered, does not just help you get better by helping one discover what the problem is, it can also tell you what the problem is not. And that, Art, is how it saved my life.

By Primal Therapy and your wonderful therapists getting me through, I am not only wella gain and have my life back, I am also now able to help the many, many other women and hopefully stop them going through what I went through.

It feels like saying "thank you" to you isn't enough, but thank you. Thank you so much Art.

M.W. - August 2017

I continue to be grateful for all the help that your Primal Therapy gives me an a daily basis.

J.L. - August 2017

I have undergone primal therapy in the 70's and it was amazing. I was able to unlock a lot of repressed feeling for the first time and has made my life totally different; one where I can express my feeling whenever that's needed.

B.C. - July 2017

Dear Art and France,

Consider this a thank you note from a satisfied patient. I have come home after two months of therapy and already my life is completely different. I can feel again and those deep terrors that plagued me several years ago are understandable. They are feelable, thank God.

S.B. - July 2017

The therapy has been monumental in my life and I really don�t know that I would be around today if I hadn�t gone to therapy my first go around in 1976. And then without my second go around in 2011 I could not have survived the pain of losing my husband.

So, all that you have done at the Center to keep the therapy going and evolving is amazing, life changing, and life saving.

With your help I have managed to change and better my living situation.

J.O. - June 2017

I do not have any great and tangible results from the Primal therapy yet. But I feel my life has started to change after the 3 week intensive.�

After the Intensive, I feel and see that people react differently. Positive, though small, things are starting to enter into my life.

My infinite gratitude�to the author of the therapy Arthur Janov as well as to my therapist and everyone at the Primal Center. You all are playing a crucial part in my life. Without you, I would be condemned to spend the rest of my life in despair and hopelessness. I am starting to feel small positive shifts which I hope will continue with more feelings relived.

I can recommend the Primal Therapy to everybody.

I will write more in the future, hopefully with concrete and breathtaking examples of what the Primal therapy has brought into my life.

P.K - March 2017

It's been an incredible journey. Perhaps 10 years longer than I might have hoped to get to this stage, but I'm glad I'm here.

I'm still healing and growing. Primal is an extraordinary approach with extraordinary results for those with the heart and the wherewithal to go the distance.�

The question I dream about is how to put Primal in a pill? One gulp and you're cured. There's a question.

R.A - March 2017

I, too, can proclaim life altering beneficial changes in my life because of primal therapy. 25 years ago! It seems an eternity. I acquired many valuable tools I use whenever I get caught up in head trippin'.

Art, you and France are reliably sane and straight people in a really crazy world. I have taken solace in this fact many times.Thanks for the journaling over the years. I never miss an email. I have so much respect for your work, both of your works, that is.

N.P - February 2017

I had a most pivotal feeling today, you were involved in it. It was in the late 70's, early 80's. I was not at the Institute, but l popped into your retreat in Paris, while visiting a friend over there. You said something to me that has taken all these years to get! you said, 'your not social' this l did not let in, l had a good social 'personality' l thought, he's wrong ! l felt it was good to be a 'loner' independent ! ! today l got to the core feeling of my friendless and lonely life. My mother never came back for me, she gave me to a stranger, a grandmother at 4 months. In the feeling my arms were outstretched, reaching for her, then early gurgling no words for this pain ! . I now know Why l am lonely and where it got its start. THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE! you knew this 35 yrs ago !

L.M - February 2017

It�s been an extraordinary transformation - beyond anything I could have imagined in my first interview in December 2009.

My sexuality has changed fundamentally, my relationships with women have completely transformed. I have a very different personality.

It's really about the emergence of a different human being. It's as if a new version of me has �arisen and taken over the body of the �old R".

I've gone from being sick, confused and under-confident, to someone striding out through the world, loving who they're being. Well most of the time! What a ride Art. What a ride.


R. February 2017

I lived as if in a bubble, kind of shell shocked I think.� I went through life like in a fog and some called me "space cadet" when I was young.� But I have decided to try to write a sci-fi novel, and I have some wild ideas and hoped to put some primal insights into it, and if I write it I will thank you and your primal research and clinic in the foreword for all the good things your work inspires.

Thank you, France, it means a lot to have someone like something I did who is a real artist.�Also, I never got any likes or praise from my parents, this somehow brought this up in me.�One scene I remember is trying to create a boat from wood and my father just criticizing it and saying I should have waited till he could help me (he was very talented at working with wood).�I also remember a painting I did with unnatural colors in it and how harshly he criticized it.�In both cases I got some small praise, but from a neighbor seeing my boat while I stood next to my dad feeling bad. I said it was a terrible boat and she said it was nice.�In the second case, an aunt said my painting was good.�This propels my mind back to when I worked hard as a child only 4 or 5 years old with the upstairs neighbor kids and was praised by their mom.�I said to her "No I am stupid and lazy." She said to my mom when she came to get me that I had said the "oddest thing", and I think I remember that she sounded concerned.�My mother laughed and said, "He got THAT right!" �She used to slap me on the back of my head and say that to me, and when I scrubbed a wall she got angry until I was scrubbing it so hard my arm was hurting.�Then too she laughed and said, "That's more like it! Use "elbow grease!"

I know that this sounds so awful, it makes me want to laugh it was so bad and I yet I know others "had it worse" as kids.�So from funny to sad again.�I just wanted you to know how wonderful it was to hear praise from you, as I admire you so much like I think I admired or looked up to my mom and dad.�Odd how kids always love their parents no matter what. Now I feel the sadness of how I too wasn't able to love my kids like I should have, and yet they love me so much.�Now I have to tell you that long ago, we tried to do anything that might help us primal in this one group I was in. My mother practiced one of our approaches and she cried and cried, remembering her childhood, then she spread her arms out to my sister and I and brought us close and said "I bet there were times when you needed to be close to me and I couldn't."�I will always remember her saying that with tears in my eyes.� How wonderful it is for you to bring out the lovable and loving souls buried behind primal pain.� You are a great hero of love.

With all my heart,

D.S. February 2017

You wrote in your blog �Precious Advice�: "Imagine what a miracle it is that when deep pain becomes overwhelming we have a mechanism to shut it down for decades, and oft- times, for all or our lives."

And what a paradox: this miracle is deadly in the end.We have to experience the pain to get healthy. But when we never had a mother or father who looked at us and asked "what do you think, what do you feel...", then we have not learned to look at ourselves and look for our feelings.

So, that's double difficult; the miracle (surviving mechanism) in the combination without having learned to explore how we feel.

I.D. December 2016

Dear Art

For me you've done great job. Until your findings, no one knew what was wrong with people. One out of seven billion.

P.U - December 2016

To quote an excerpt from the blog article "About What Embeds Neurosis in the System":

"... It is like touch. It is not what we feel on our cheeks. It is what that does to the whole system; the warmth, the caring and love. A ruffling of the child�s hair can carry with it a note: you are loved, appreciated and wanted. A mussing up of hair carries a biologic message that says so much. You are wanted, I feel close to you and want to be near you. One touch contains pages of monologue without any verbal discussion...."


M.D - December 2016

Hi Arthur,

You are a big inspiration for me.

Your book "Beyond Belief" is the most incredible book I've ever read. But I think that you can only appreciate it fully, if you have felt already a lot of your childhood pain. Almost everyone suffers in their youth, because of the unknowing of parents/society, and the effect is that we need an infinite amount of beliefs to handle the horror deep in our system.

I really hope that someday a big enough amount of people have felt enough to know how incredible important it is that children have parents who love them, give them all the attention, support and touch they biologically need.

A lot of greetings and a Happy Thanksgiving.

I.B - November 2016

I'm home now! My first home was in Colombia and in my mother's womb. That was wonderful, but I was desperate as I had to leave the two! I hate my life outside my mother's womb, and I long to return both to Colombia and my mother's womb. But I feel good now. Arthur, thanks for everything!

Thank you for being there! You saved my life without even having met me. I have been suicidal ever since it became possible for me to take my own life. My fight to save my liv has been a struggle on life and death.

I started my therapy for my children's sake, or I would not be alive today. I thank my beloved children because they forced me to survive. Now I do my therapy for my own sake, because everything good that happens to me is also good for my children.

Thanks Arthur for all what you made possible for me!

S.C November 2016

My life was too hard, too hard for my brain to be connected and thus to function properly.

My thoughts don't disturb me anymore, I know of no thought to suffer, I do not have anxiety or panic. I just live. I just exist. That's wonderful. Now I understand myself for the first time in my life. I understand why everything was so hard for me!� Now I'm one of the luckiest people this world ever has seen! Now I am simple and straightforward. Life, I have my life in my own hands now.

Thank you Arthur! Thank you for your life-saving information to me and everyone else.

You have saved the world, at least the world who suffers and wants your help.

C.B November 2016

Arthur Janov deserves the Nobel Prize. He has discovered the secret of life, by discovering the Birth Experience. The trauma that each end everyone of us go through before entering this world. What it does to us.

Therein lies the secret.Now it is up to us to do the job,so that one day we can say: I�m alive! Now I have also discovered that secret.

It is our heritage,which I hope we can make use of one day.

A. C. November 2016

Art Janov, why do I know you�re so right?

Because I've lived with the pain for 63 years & suicide would take it away.

What stops me?

Your early books. Your Series of blogs�& the wisdom �you have that resonates inside me & keeps me going

Thank you

P.B. October 2016

I really think it's an astounding work you all do and especially with my background as a psychologist it's amazing to see the qualitative difference between primal therapy and other approaches I deal with daily. I guess I knew that since I read Art's primal scream ten years ago but seeing your work in action and feeling it for myself is still a more impressive thing.

I still hope to come and stay in LA to become a primal therapist myself at some point. That is one of the few points in my life I'm pretty certain about. Progressing in therapy is what helps me achieve that goal, I think.

So once again I'm very thankful for what you have done for me recently and in the past. The world is a better place with primal therapy and learning how to feel in it! So please keep up your work and your deep caring for your patients.

I wish you all the best!


P. N - September 2016

The most important psychologist ever! Why? Because he discovered the most hidden truth about mental health and illness, the very causes of neurosis. Yes, primal theory and therapy can be brushed up in the future, but Janov's discovery that we can feel our unmet needs and get better is epochal importance.

M. T September 2016

Dear Dr. Janov,

Thanks for your valuable insights! They are life-changing. You deserve the Nobel prize...many times over.

W. A September 2016


I know you get thank you notes on a daily basis, so I guess here is just another one.

I was just really thinking about how much my life has changed, and it is so amazing.

When France was telling me about "that's the beauty of life, to take chances and not know where they will lead us," it is such a wonderful phrase, but for me it's always been so scary to take chances, I've always planned everything very meticulously.

I've been meaning to really THANK YOU for helping me find a passion in my life. At a time when I felt so lost and distressed you saw something in me, that even the closest person to me would not recognize. That, gave my life direction and a new meaning.

You've touched my life in a very different therapeutic way. Not as a patient but in ways that I find unbelievably enriching. You've helped me discover a whole new life, where not only I feel so accomplished, but I get to help others, and that really is rewarding beyond belief. (See I'm using your words...)

I've always felt that we have an obligation in life to make this world a little better, and by doing so create a ripple effect, and you have done that in a massive way with so many people.

I only hope to be a bit as great as you both.

Thank you France for your constant support and guidance.

Much love and gratitude,

C.L., August 23, 2016

Primal Therapy is in fact a neuro-psycho-therapy, as different from any other therapy as are chemo-therapy, physio-therapy, radio-therapy or any other treatment you have ever heard of. You can pour oil into water, mix it, and the oil will come out on top anyway, in the end. That is the difference between Primal Therapy and all other treatments, make no mistake about that.

E.L. June 2016

Dear Art and France!

It was great talking to you Art! Listening to your voice brought up so many memories. How much impact you had in my life.

Many years back I was a client of yours in LA and later a therapist in Paris. I want to thank you for all those years. Once in LA 1976 I felt you saved my life.
And you did! Later you took me in as one of your  therapist in Paris.  We were more, 12 of us and I used to joke that we were the 12 disciples of yours. 
Being Jewish I loved that joke and so did you.

I am really so grateful to you giving me an opportunity to mentally and intellectually expand the way we did in Paris. The time in LA and in Paris have been one
of the best time in my life. I have so many memories when you made my life worth living when I was in despair in LA. You stood up for me and encouraged me like
no one did before. I was at the end of the rope. You made me climb back! I never thanked you enough for that. I am sorry for that.  And later you took me in as your
therapist in Paris. France was such a support.

Dear France I am so sorry you did not get appreciations for that. You know I was young and stupid. Now being old but still going strong I can see things differently. 
The rest of our Primal group are spread out I can see so much clearer and so value what I got from you and France. I tried to get in touch with you many years back
over and over but I failed. Dear Art and France.

By the way I am doing good have a great career, teaching Psychology at the university and doing therapy with my (3rd) husband since 18 years.

Life has been good to me in many ways. And I think you have a big part in that!

H.E - July 2016

Art, thank you for listening. I can't imagine my life without Primal Therapy.
You have helped so many people... Maybe one day even some of the deaf will be able to hear. I felt like a mute and I learned to talk...thanks to Primal Therapy.

J.T - June 2016

Dear France and dear Arthur

I have received your post 3-week intensive letter and I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for what I have experienced the last 3 weeks.

It has been such a truthful, painful, amazing journey that I longed for for a long time in my Life. When I am writing these lines I simply feel this wonderful warmth around my
heart and my tears are very close to burst out.

Just because of how touched I am by your work, your staff, the level of contribution as well as that place that I found to come to. That safe place, where I am finally being listened to,
cared for, and really supported.

I have so much appreciation and gratitude for my primal therapist, David, who has shown me nothing but being a rock solid therapist that is being very clean in holding space for all
of my act-outs and projections. This is what makes me trust so much since really there are not many leaders/coaches/therapist etc. who are able to do that - exactly because they still
bring in their own feelings. As a matter of fact I haven't experienced that anywhere else. Quite the opposite. The level of care and expertise is beyond. I can say the same things about Morey
as well. She is so so wonderful. They both give such good positive imprints of mummy and daddy. I just love them and I wish they would stay with me forever!!!

THANK YOU for your legacy. Thank you for your care and your interest in the field. You truly change the world one human at a time. I wish for everyone to experience that.

With all my Love,
A.R - June 2016

I have done the Three Week Intensive, followed by 21 individual therapies, and in the past 1,5 years I have cried spontaneously many times. 
I can confirm the effectiveness of the Primal Therapy though it has not brought me money and a girl friend yet, as I originally hoped. 

I am deeply moved by the Legacy program. When I found the texts, I thought it was a mistake. But then I watched the Trailer and I understood it has been done by purpose.
Incredible. For the first time in history, yes.

The best therapy moreover.

It is a pity I have not had a chance to meet the Janovs. I have had the chance to work with David and Morey, and read Dr. Janov's books. And it is more than enough.

My infinite thanks.

Czek Republic, 05/2016


I love [your] blog, therapy and research !!!

I just watched the trailer for part 1 of Legacy Program and am sooo excited about the learning potential. I just asked myself that question , " How do you know Primal Therapy works? " . My answer is it cured me of claustrophobia,

alcoholism, muteness and anxiety. It gave me confidence to try things that were not possible before, for example talking on a microphone and singing in front of an audience. Most of all it gave me my relationship back with my Mother.

Before feeling through my birth , I was holding onto hatred about my Mother that prevented me from being with her ( in the present).

K. May 2016



After 20 years, you escaped one madhouse, rescued by "the evolution" and this experience helped you through next madhouse, WW2. Your superiors in the US military, the Navy, had the good taste

to try out / discover your obvious talent and you were offered academic studies in psychology. Strengthened by the new knowledge did you get to the cuckoo's nests, number three and four,

Hackers Psychiatric Clinic and Brent Woods Neuropsychiatric Hospital. 

In 1967, you found out of evidence of how repressed memories and feelings, under the right conditions, can be re-lived. More than one of us owe our lives to this paradigm shift in psychotherapy

in which you have spent 50 years acting out your early pain.

Even at age 90, and thereafter, evolution has made you able to demethylate, re-live and feel your primal madhouse-traumas.

My own "madhouse" had no asphalt. It was an agricultural university dominated by repressed, well-educated professors, researchers, instructors, and administrators. Most families, for at least

one of their members, had regular contacts with the asylums of those days. Instead of being insane, I, fortunately, developed epilepsy at 20, which resulted in that I developed an inner obsession

to prioritize everything in my life to know why I had epilepsy. Your discovery became eventually my way.

After my first primal 1980, turning a grand mal seizure into re-living my birth trauma, I developed excellent qualities for a crisis consultant and business leader and I was asked to take on more jobs

than I could handle. Those were fascinating years and I managed to make a living, become sane and healthy and can look back on life with satisfaction and gratitude. Lots of pain to re-live,

but what a gain to finally feel and understand how my life was put together / changed.

Thank You so much!  

J.J - April 2016


I was very moved by articles by Art Janov relating his personal life experiences. I think we can feel more empathy and liking for someone when they speak personally than when they express themselves solely

through theory. The point of the theory of course is not to necessarily generate empathy for its author, but considering the depth and humanity of that Primal theory I personally still have always felt an immense respect for

Janov despite not knowing much about him.

One always wonders what travails exceptional innovators have gone through to create something apparently constructive for humanity despite all the crushing negative forces at work in the (in)human world.

M. April 2016


Dear Art and France,

You are amazing.  I  wonder if harsh conditions sometimes yield the greatest inspirations?  Or is it that the core reality, the optimistic survival core of human beings is inspired to act when challenged and not too

much overwhelmed?  Where do you think your strength came from?  Generations past perhaps?  I am trying to feel my helplessness the depths of it seem devastating with lots of compounding. 

Yet, because of your efforts and writings and influences I have some small hope.  Thank you for that!

Hugs and live forever you guys,

From  your admirer, the parasympath in Wylie TX, :) - April 2016


I was one of the addicts that you cured with primal therapy, real primal therapy, at the primal institute.  I thank my lucky stars� that I went through primal therapy so long ago� every thing you say is true�
drug treatment is a racket�. it makes the corporate health care system billions� and doesn't offer real hope for anyone. My own father was a drug addict, and i watched him die from cirrhosis.. 
The same thing would have happened to me if it wasn't for you�  thank you. 
All the best,

J. April 2016

Dear Art, I have known since the age of 5 years old that your therapy works, and transforms people's lives because that's how old I was when Mother started Primal Therapy and started to turn our lives around.
My Mother ended being a medical secretary for a leading Pediatrician and Obstetrician, who by the way endorsed and used your work to the best of his ability. However my point is that if not for your work my Mother
would not have survived the stress of a childhood of sexual abuse,living in orphanages, and a physically abusive marriage prior to Primal Therapy. Primal Therapy saved my Mothers life. How can I ever thank you....
Well as a matter of fact I'm working on doing a Psychology degree and doing Therapy and training at your centre before you go.

PS: Can't wait to watch the Legacy videos.

K. April 2016

Dr. Janov,

You wrote: "I feel like a failure". How do you feel today?

For what my five cent wisdom is worth, you are great wonderful and a human being I love and respect.
You gave me the key to a door, a door I know exists somewhere, but couldn't find in my ever present pain.
You not only gave me the key, you showed me the reason why I must open this door
� it is the door to consciousness.
I'm forever grateful to you.

You ask: "So now if you ask if I started out to change the world? I would say "No, I just never wanted the world to change me. I never wanted to join their world.
That would have been the end of me".
I'm so glad that you never joined their world, because you would have changed and never written any of your books the world so desperately need.
BTW, I think the same way. I never liked to be someone else.

S. April 2016


Reliving a primal pain may only last for a matter of hours, but it literally takes away decades of pain.

The most painful part is carrying all that hurt and tension around year after year, and not feeling it at the level that gets rid of it. Feeling freaked out, anxious, angry, frustrated, despair, tired, exhausted, driven, obsessed, hatred,
unlovable, etc... on a daily basis is far more painful and exhausting than having a Primal Therapy session that gets rid of it, in a matter of hours, once and for all!

Yes one has to chip away at it, to get to the core feelings that are causing all the problems , however at every little step along the primal road to recovery, there are rewards of relief. You can't imagine how great it feels to finally
get free of primal pains.

Primal Therapy is life changing and life saving! It is criminal that there is an answer to human suffering and no one talks about it.

K. March 2016
My Struggle

It is so hard, so hard to live, so hard to get what I want, so hard to know what I want.

Life is dark and not worth living.

I don't know what to do, I need help, I don't know how to live and how to get what I want. I don't even know what I want.

As a child I was not wanted and I was not supposed to want. Life was dark and empty.

The struggle to be born, so exhausting, I am so tired, I feel like my body will break in two.

As a mother, as soon as I gave birth to my second daughter I felt like I was being torn in two because I could not give to them both equally. I always felt as if I was being torn into two.
In my feeling, my primal, I writhe and writhe, so hard, my body breaking, it's so hard, I can't breathe, I feel rage.

Finally, peace, I breathe deep delicious breaths of air, my body feels relaxed and I am at peace.

I survived, I made it, I am born.

H.J. February 2016

This man has so much wisdom and understanding! One day in the distant future the booga boogas and the cognitives and behaviourists might try their mindfulness trips & discover a little of What Dr Janov knows.
I guess if you're in pain he talks your language. I know he is right & I have 'suffered' most of my 62 years, but the knowledge he has conveyed in his books has actually saved me from giving up on 'life' in pain but
understanding why, thanks to him, makes it bearable.
With thanks,
P. February 2016


I would like to thank you both for being a light in my darkness, a guide to a higher virtue of love, and steadfast promoters of what is the wonderful potential of humanity to heal and give and survive, with a dance in their steps, and a flicker

of optimism in their darkest hours.

Thank you Art and France, from the bottom of my heart.

D.S. December 2015

Just so glad your still here and still working for a feeling humanity! Glad for all your readers and bloggers , you bring hope to my humanity.

K. December 2015


My book will be including reference to Dr. Janov's work, principally in the form of quotations, but also in reference to my delight in discovering such groundbreaking work and how it assisted me in understanding certain personality traits. 

N.B 2015


I am doing really well.

As of this date I have lost almost 50 pounds.
I am walking 10000 steps a day, most days. Exercise class with a mixture of aerobics, strengthening and some yoga.

And I do line dancing once a week and a polka Club once a month.

I volunteer at a horse barn once a week and as needed, we give riding lessons to special needs kids. I am mostly a side walker to make sure they don't fall off

as I don't know that much about handling horses. And I am dating a really, really nice man as,well.

My life has so changed because of my therapy, I am amazed sometimes!

Thank you.

G.W, USA - 10/2015


I am back home for a week now. And I feel changed a lot. I do not react like before, am not triggered, not depressed anymore.
Today I went shopping and usually I always get bummed out but not anymore.

I feel must stronger, not have fear to brake down. I feel sane. Don't have thought running around my mind etc...

I can say I had a good day today. Thank you so much to David, Claudia, Mr and Miss Janov for allowing me to come back to Primal center.
It just works. I have been crying on my own too.

I can finally get into feeling somehow, could not do it before and really cry about it.

Yours Faithfully

R. S., Slovenia, 10/ 2015


On a note of affirmation for what your process has done for me I simply rely on my senses to tell me I am feeling something and embrace that discomfort in a place I am free to feel it in. Usually by gazing into the rushing waterfall just outside my apartment. Almost always I get to the experience. Thank you Doctor Art our own hands, once we learn to feel, the Primal process prevails.

W.W. PAGE 10/2015


I just wanted to share that I finally enrolled for the degree I've wanted to do for many years. I'm also now engaged to be married and thinking about starting a family.

These are massive, enormous steps to improve my life and do the things I really want to do. 

I really believe I would not have been able to do either without Primal Therapy. I may not even have still been alive to do them.

My first "phase" of therapy ten years ago helped me to be able to take responsibility for my life and money, and enabled me to take control of my work and life,

get out of debt and progress significantly with my career. 

The knock-on effect of that change, coupled with the insights from this second phase of therapy (the last couple of years) has now enabled me to make these further

massive, positive changes and decisions.

I truly cannot thank you all enough for the critical part you have played in this personal evolution. It is the gift of simply being able to live my life.

There is nothing in the world more precious than this. Thank you so much.

Lots of love,
A. S., UK 09/2015


All you write about used to be me. I sought out the gurus - genuflected before them. It was pathetic, but there was no motivation to get out of bed.

I was searching for the meaning of life. It was an elusive venture as I could never seem to find it.

Then one day, through one of your previous patients, I began to employ your techniques and I can attest to the fact that once one feels the pain again

and works through it effectively, they will discover that there is no meaning to life, other than what one gives it.

Your work has saved my life. I am now sound and am now giving meaning to my own life. I am forever grateful to you and what you do.

Thank you so much!

C.M, 2/2015


Because I am sending you this message through the Primal Center, I will tell you again what I have said before in person, that you really changed my life - saved my life.

My life is now so rich with deep love and a calm center that I could never have felt before Primal Therapy.

As you know, I could have been married to my darling Tom for 23 years and never have really been able to feel it - not tolerate the intimacy and not really love him-

because of all my repression. And I could have parented our daughter without ever being able to separate what is my stuff from what is her. Or I might never have had

the feeling to want to parent at all. And what a loss it would all have been. For me. And for those around me.

You know how much there is to all this better than anyone. So I hope you can accept my most heartfelt thanks. There is really nothing I can say or do that will ever convey

the scope of what it means to me.

Your work is genius - the book Life Before Birth is my bible and I believe that credited or not, all your pioneering thinking is reaching the stage where it is considered

"obviously true" instead of "ridiculed" as they say about all breakthroughs in science.

J.C., USA - 2014


Thanks for all the provocative ideas over the years...

J., USA - 2015


I love you all.

Though I have even less money that before coming to LA, I am happy and I feel better and better.
Though it is tough. My feelings develop. I am now able to lie down and cry.  I cry almost every day, new and new feelings emerge. 

When I reflect back, in the last months I integrated - one by one - the feelings of 1."how to kill myself", 2."life has no sense for me", 3. "nobody wants me", 4."I am helpless."

It is not the end, unfortunately not, but I feel much better, I know what I want and who I am. Maybe it will be changing, who knows.

The Primal Therapy is just great. I am happy I came to LA last year, with this year�s devaluation of my currency, it would  be almost impossible. 

You are doing a great job. You literally saved my life.My life would have been desperate for the rest of it, maybe 20 years. It is great I have found you and again many thanks.

It took one long year to feel the difference. I originally thought it would be a matter of 3-6 weeks (though my therapists were absolutely clear that it would not be the case). 

During the 3 week intensive "not much" happened, deep feelings came later.

As more and more feelings were emerging every week, I was not fully aware of any big improvement until one year into the therapy. I am very happy I was patient and did not panic. 

The reward is huge. I feel different, I speak differently, I behave differently.

There is so much pain behind, pain that I was not able to feel during the 3 week intensive, pain that I felt bit by bit, little by little, during Skype sessions, during watching romantic films  and later before falling asleep. 

And even in buses or metro was I crying when the pain came.

Almost everybody, whom I told about the therapy I was taking, was making fun of me. That was also hard. 
Now I am the winner, I have my life back, life makes sense to me again. The relief cannot be described by words. 
And also I cannot describe in words the gratitude I feel towards both Drs.Janov, and everyone else at the Primal Center. You have all made a great job.

With love,
P. K., Czech Republic - 2015


This morning I cried.

I was exercising in the front room and a thought of the past came to mind, a poem I had written long ago.  I started reflecting on the basis of the poem � my feelings and circumstances back then.

One thing led to another, and suddenly I was triggered.

The feeling rushed up and poured forth.

For several minutes, I sporadically cried, cried, and cried.

As my tears fell to the carpet, I thought of Primal Therapy, how fortunate I am for it, how it hit the spot, how badly I needed it, how it has relieved so much tension and pain, how wonderful it is to be able to cry.  Like the rain, it washes everything clean and new again.

What a wonderful joy it is to cry again and to feel clean, new, and refreshed once more.

Thank you ever so much for having been there for me and helping me so much.

You are forever in my heart and in each healing tear.

D.L., USA -2015


I've finally re-entered therapy and I'm halfway through four weeks of intensive and it is wonderful! Back in the mid-seventies when I started therapy the first time you said the only safety is in coming to feel--you are so right. My first go-round in therapy saved my life as I was suicidal and my life was disintegrating, but the Institute on Almond and its successor on Colby were nowhere near as safe, and the therapy nowhere near as good as what I'm getting now at the Center. The therapy is light years from where it was, and this time, after years of self-primaling and not getting the help I really needed and not actually reliving and resolving things, my health deteriorated and my life gone awry in so many ways, my life is getting saved again.

I feel something I haven't felt for years--indescribably happy to be alive. Thank you and France for creating the Center, thank you for bringing together and training a remarkable and wonderful staff, thank you for continuing to develop the theory and the practice and the science, thank you for your brilliance and your determination, thank you a thousand times for everything!

Disneyland bills itself as the happiest place on earth. You should add to your tag line for the Janov Primal Center: Where Primal Therapy is a Science, and the Safest Place on Earth.

Lots of love,

P.H., USA - 2014


Messages to Dr. Arthur Janov for his 90th birthday:

Hi Dr Janov:

In case I forget, happy upcoming 90th birthday.

I would like to again thank you for all your inspiring and important work in psychotherapy. These days, I am re-reading one of the major works of the counter-culture "The Greening of America" by Charles Reich (now about your age), which came out  about the same time as "The Primal Scream". I am thankful and in awe that you both were able to create such important works, some clarity and insight within all pervasive neurotic culture which stifles us. It means a lot to me, especially now that I too am getting older.

M.E., Spain


My love,

I am not even sure where to start... All the things I would like express with words will not convey all that I feel for you :  

Admiration, for who you are, what you have accomplished, your brilliance, your tenacity, your kindness, your humanity, your culture, all that you have brought the world.

Tenderness, for your softness, your smile, your humor, your vulnerability, your joy of life against all odds and a permanent suffering...

Amazement at your force, your determination, your creativity as a writer, a poet, as a world changer who impacted deeply, in a way nobody else ever did, countless lives and gave hope and the possibility of happiness and joy to people all over the world, including Russia and Singapore! (and France !)

Incredible closeness in the way I have felt for no other human being and never thought I could.

And of course an immense gratitude for having saved my life and then given me a life of love and happiness I never could have dreamt of.

So my darling, Happy Birthday. I can't believe you are 90. You still look like a kid, and a handsome one at that, and charming and that hair... and that smile... and all of you whom I love with all my heart and all my life in a way I never even knew was possible.

I just wish I could be the better sweet perfect wife that you deserve. I am working on it to make sure that all these years we have left together will be the happiest possible.

And of course I wish you specifically now a huge success with The Primal Scream: The Musical.

Good night,
Good morning my love, Happy Birthday.


Art's Birthday Tribute:

When cancer or heart patients thank their doctors for saving their lives, we all know that they mean. The patient survived and the doctor gets the credit, as well as honors and recognition from his profession. Often, we have heard Primal patients say the same thing: "Thanks, Dr. Janov, for saving my life." But what we mean is not as obvious to everyone. After all, we weren't dying of cancer or heart disease, at least not imminently. So why do we all feel rescued?

I cannot bear to think what would have become of me if I had not read "The Primal Scream" back in 1973. I was 24 years old and my life had come completely off the rails. As I once told you personally, I had a sudden, inexplicable breakdown five years earlier when I was a sophomore in college. Sitting at home reading a book without a care in the world, then suddenly engulfed in panic and terror that seemed to well up from deep inside, but out of nowhere. I felt like I was in a strange science fiction movie in which a comfortable existence turns into a waking nightmare and the victim is forced to spend all his energy to figure out why his life has gone haywire.

Nobody could understand what I was going through. The craziness was so excruciatingly isolating. It felt like an electrical storm of madness in my head that only I could see. How can you explain the fear of losing your mind when everything around you seems sunny and normal?

When I read your transformative book, I felt like I had finally found a person who understood my suffering and its causes. Like so many other readers, my reaction was immediate and instinctual. You offered a way out. And I was desperate to take it.

The first step in saving a life is understanding what threatens it. The next step is knowing what must be done to remove the threat and restore health. By this measure, Art, you are a true healer.
So when we say you saved our lives, we really mean that you restored a life worth living. You unlocked the mystery of neurosis by understanding that emotional pain is at the root, that repression is required to keep the pain at bay and that, in that devil's bargain, we wind up living in a suspended state of perpetual suffering, or numbness.

So what kind of life is that?

My nerves were so frayed from the constant tension that soon after getting my first big job at the San Francisco Chronicle I trembled and shook for the entire night, curled up in a ball until dawn. What kind of a life can there be without the ability to sustain a livelihood?

When my dad pumped me full of Prolixin and Haldol to calm my nerves, I became a zombie. I was no longer trembling but I was trapped in a cold, eerie stillness that truly turned me into the walking dead.  What kind of a life can there be when you are at war with your own body?

My relationships were such a mess because as soon as I would find somebody I really valued, I became so insanely jealous that I made her life miserable and ultimately would drive her away. What kind of a life can there be without love?

We also often say that Primal Therapy gave us our lives back. But what does that mean, exactly? Sure, with less anxiety, anger, fear and insecurity, we are liberated to pursue the things that can really make us happy in life. A good job, a solid relationship, the ability to feel joy. But for me, getting my life back also meant understanding what really happened to me. For example, knowing that my jealousy began before I was two years old, when I felt rage for having been rejected by my mother and replaced by the next baby in a line of eight. How could I have grown up without realizing I was so hurt and angry at the time, and ever since. All I saw was the devastating aftermath in my wrecked relationships. Primal Therapy helped me connect the crippling effect with the unconscious cause.

That's a huge gift, knowing the real self. That is reality restored. And your mind won't let you rest until you put it all together, the behavior with the reason why.

In an unexpected way, you also gave me the chance to have a genuine moment of affection and reconciliation between me and my father. You know what kind of father he was. Emotionally distant, angry, critical, verbally abusive and a mean disciplinarian. Mostly, I was afraid of him. Still, he read your book and it touched something inside that hard heart of his. So much so that he decided to take out a loan to pay for my therapy, a shocking move from an inveterate penny-pincher. As a doctor, he saw my suffering too and must have realized there was no other good option.

Then one day during a visit home in the year after starting therapy, the buried emotions of our lives bubbled over. At the kitchen table, he started telling me of the nightmare he was living at home with my mother, who was having a full-blown psychotic breakdown. I was newly open to my feelings and couldn't take it. I got up and rushed to the back bedroom where I used to sleep as a child. I collapsed on the bed and stated crying.

My father came back shortly to see what was wrong. When I saw him silhouetted in the doorway, that familiar figure I used to fear, I quickly sat up and dried my eyes. Crying was not allowed in front of him, even after he'd beat us with a belt. So I tried to recover and asked him to wait for me in the kitchen. When I went out to rejoin him, I explained I just couldn't stand to hear anymore about the family problems. Then, he did something that totally caught me off guard. He asked for forgiveness. "If I hurt you in some way, son, I'm sorry."
For what seems like the first time in my life, we hugged like father and son, with feeling.

So not only did I discover that I was in pain, my father did too. For all of my childhood, he had overlooked it. He had hurt me overtly, deliberately, brutally sometimes, but somehow he didn't see the damage he was doing until it was too late. Then he tried to make up for it by getting me into the only therapy that could have saved me. So I forgave him.
Now, I pass on the benefits of my insights to the next generation. I have raised two sons based on what I learned from Primal Therapy. Respect their feelings. Listen carefully. Respond to their needs and be there for them.

Andres and I are so attuned to each other because I have always allowed him to express his feelings openly. If he needs to cry, I lie down with him and just hold him or sit with him. Sometimes just the look on his face reveals his feeling � hurt, disappointment, sadness or whatever. When I spot it, I stop what I'm doing. Maybe I was scolding him too harshly and didn't realize. So I stop talking and turn to him. All I have to say is "You look sad" or "I see you're angry." Once I verbalize his feeling, or rather acknowledge it, he looks at me with his whole face brimming with emotion, and he nods yes. As soon as he knows that I know, the flood gates open. His lip starts trembling, his eyes well with tears. And he cries.
So there it is, the secret to a happy life. Try not to hurt your kids. But if they get hurt, let them have their feelings. Let them see you understand, that you can see inside their little hearts. That you care.

In this way, Art, the life you saved is paying it forward. And that will be your legacy. One by one, we can save the world, one child at a time. That is worth a Nobel Prize many times over. You may not see that in your lifetime, but we can honor you individually, by making sure that we are living life as fully as it was meant to be, and helping our children do the same.
Thanks for saving mine.


My dearest Art -

I will tell you again what I have said before in person, that you really changed my life - saved my life. My life is now so rich with deep love and a calm center that I could never have felt before Primal Therapy. As you know, I could have been married to my darling B. for 23 years and never have really been able to feel it - not tolerate the intimacy and not really love him- because of all my repression. And I could have parented M. without ever being able to separate what is my stuff from what is hers. Or I might never have had the feeling to want to parent at all. And what a loss it would all have been. For me. And for those around me. You know how much there is to all this better than anyone. So I hope you can accept my most heartfelt thanks. There is really nothing I can say or do that will ever convey the scope of what it means to me. Your work is genius - the book Life Before Birth is my bible and I believe that credited or not, all your pioneering thinking is reaching the stage where it is considered "obviously true" instead of "ridiculed" as they say about all breakthroughs in science.

So Happy Birthday Art, and all my love.

Love too to France who has always come through for me in my darkest hours in friendship and in applying (and perfecting) Art's theory and therapy.
Lots and lots of love.

J. C., USA

How come Dr. Janov is not the most famous man on our planet?

It was a difficult decision to come to Santa Monica. So many disappointments concerning therapies before. Regressive therapy, family constellations, art therapy, coaching, One brain therapy... before trying Primal therapy I tried at least 20 different therapies.

Why is Primal therapy so powerful?

Because one man was lucky, focused and did not accept his inabilty to help those who need therapy. The result? A miracle: Primal therapy.

4 months into the therapy I do not see any dramatic improvements in my life, yet. What I see however is my gradual return to life. And what I am sure of is that it is the only effective therapy compared to other therapies which are only wasting time and money.

If Dr. Janov is not the most famous man on our planet, then we are living in a completely insane world, with psychotherapists so brainwashed they are unable to distinguish between effective therapy vs. ineffective therapy, with people celebrating their captors as their liberators and with evil being portrayed as good.  And with frustration and suffering being considered normal.

Dr. Janov cannot thus be recognized as a genius by official authorities.

Primal therapy gives life, strength and freedom and makes things what they really are: with Primal therapy good is good, suffering is suffering and life is life. Thanks to Dr. Janov. My infinite gratitude.

P. K., CZ Republic

Hi Art,

I am sure that you don't remember meeting me, but I will never forget meeting you!  It was the mid-1980's and, I believe, you had fairly recently returned from
France.  I was in my mid-20's at the time and a patient at the Primal Institute. You gave a talk up at, I believe, a church in Westwood.  It was a total thrill to hear you speak.  And after I had the honor to shake your hand.  It was a great night!

After a couple of years at the institute, I moved back to Minnesota and began a "new" life.  I worked a job.  Got married and had two beautiful daughters.  There is no doubt in my mind that my experiences in primal therapy helped make me a better father.

Through the years I knew that I hadn't completed the job that I needed to do.  I began looking into getting back into primal therapy but my life was here.  I investigated your website and learned that I could carry on therapy with Skype. So, after a couple of weeks in LA I returned home and have, very successfully carried on my therapy.

I do want to share one anecdote of the one group that I attended in Santa Monica as part of my two weeks.  A patient was saying something like, "I haven't been to a group in a long time.  It's been 9 months.".  When it was my turn, I said, "My last group was... 25 years ago."  I am not sure that they believed me.

I'd like to say something about the differences in therapy between my experiences at the Primal Institute in the mid-80's  and the past two years at the Primal Center.  It's much better now.  It's rare for me not to feel deeply.  I don't think the suffering builds up as much.  And I think that my therapist knows what he's doing.  Looking back I can only think that my therapists at the institute missed a lot of opportunities to send people into feelings.  Thank you for these major improvements!!!

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for the extremely positive differences you have made to my life.  The only way that I know how to express the depth of my gratitude is by sharing this thought.  To know that I've done something right with my life, all I have to do is to look at how happy and healthy my daughters are.  I know that I couldn't have done as good of a job as a father without primal therapy!  To fully convey how important this is to me I would need about a million exclamation marks but that would make this letter too long.

I would be remiss if I did not say Happy 90th birthday!!!!  And I wish you a hundred thousand more birthdays!  I suspect that you have some awareness of this, but you are a man who will live forever.  Your life's work is unparalleled.  All the people that you have already helped and all the people that your work will help, will increase exponentially.  My personal examples are my daughters.  They don't know about primal therapy.   They don't have a need for primal therapy!
Art, I don't know a greater success story than that!

Sincerely -- with my deepest gratitude.

M. T., USA

Dear Art,

Congratulations on reaching your 90th year. I'd like to thank you for your lifetime of dedication to helping others. Your influence on my life has been immense. Had you never written The Primal Scream, I'm sure my suffering would be far greater than it is today.

Today I can say that I have healed much of the pain from my childhood and complicated birth. I have a greater sense of freedom. I'm more present to my feelings and to life. My mother put it best: "it's as if you've had a lobotomy"! I genuinely feel like a changed man.

Of course there's more pain in the bathtub and my spoon hasn't gotten any bigger, but today I have a means to empty the bath, unlike the vast majority of the population. For that I will always be grateful to you and the many who have been influenced by you.

I hope you remain active as a writer for many years to come.  I think your writings have more influence than perhaps you imagine. Even the watered-down manifestations of the Primal vision that spring from your thinking are helping to slowly move the therapy movement in a more curative direction.

Much love,

R. A., UK

Hi Art.
We've only really met once and you couldn't understand my Nottingham accent. I got the chance to thank you though and I will tell you there was a lot more behind those two words. Primal therapy saved my life, I believe. Also in making my wife and I more real it enabled us to give the kids a much better childhood than they might have had which is priceless. I find it hard to put into words how grateful I am and how privileged I feel to have been able to do primal therapy and especially to have come to the primal center. Thank you again, all my best wishes and have a great birthday.

C. C., UK

Hi Dr Janov:
In case I forget, happy upcoming 90th birthday.

I would like to again thank you for all your inspiring and important work in psychotherapy. These days, I am re-reading one of the major works of the counter-culture "The Greening of America" by Charles Reich (now about your age), which came out about the same time as "The Primal Scream". I am thankful and in awe that you both were able to create such important works, some clarity and insight within all pervasive neurotic culture which stifles us. It means a lot to me, especially now that I too am getting older.

M. E., Canada

Congratulations and best wishes on this milestone, Art!

(I wouldn't be surprised if it's a bit surreal.......) It goes without saying how important your work has been to the world, and how I grateful I am to have you as a mentor, inspiration, therapist, colleague, and friend. Thanks for everything. And I am very much looking forward to seeing you at the premier of your musical in October All the best on your special day, and your 91st year,

P. P., Canada

Dear Art

The email inbox entry merely read and the accompanying thought said 'oh my God, Janov's dead � but he can't be dead, he still has so much to give�.;

Thus, the relief to read that your 90th birthday is just around the corner was quite palpable, and I am glad you are still alive and able to receive emails.

As you know, my father died on 5 July. He was 93 years old and was diagnosed with dementia last summer. He lived out the rest of his days in a dementia resident nursing home where the care given is magnificent. But I think my dad knew that he had lost control of his mind and he didn't much like it.

One of my reasons for undertaking primal therapy last February was a response to your remarks about dementia in your book Life Before Birth and subsequent comments in a recent email. At 68 years old, I like to think I now know myself well enough to have no surprises waiting for me. It seems I had quite a good birth.

I have attached a snapshot from a video I took in the summer of 2012 when my son JJ was just 6 months old and my father was 91. I included the following in my eulogy to him at his funeral.

That summer, we visited dad at his house the Sunday before the Olympic Games. Even at the tender age of 6 months, little JJ was quite particular about who he would let hold him. Aside of his mother and me, there was no one really. But when he lay in his grandfather's arms, something magical happened. They both gazed into each other's eyes, JJ every now and then sitting up and looking around and then back to his granddad; totally relaxed was JJ, as if he was being let into a secret denied everyone else, and had found the ideal resting place from which to ponder the Universe and bathe in the warmth and security of his granddad's arms.
That was me 68 years ago, and I know just how JJ felt.

So, happy birthday dear Dr Janov, you have been one of the guiding influences in my life, alongside people like PD Ouspensky, Mahler and Dr David Yurth.

For some reason I've set myself a goal to cast this mortal coil at 102 years old. Assisted dying will probably be law by then. If I was going to plan when I die, I would first ask the doctor, how long it will take for the pills to set in before I lose consciousness? Assuming it was minutes, I would then play the final 12 minutes of Mahler's 2nd symphony � the Resurrection. If you don't know it already, I heartily recommend you listen to it and his 8th symphony. I would want to lose consciousness at the moment of the final crashing chord, and thereby go out in a blaze of glory with my family around me.

R. C., UK

Hello Art,

This is a very personal email and I would like it to stay between me and you. Actually I think it is an occasion to say what I want to say, as far as the primal therapy going through my birth primal and sexual abuse primal while I was in therapy in Los Angeles has changed my life around. I have through these primals become a calm and sharp person and I know that every time I go to see my doctor and she reads my tension and tell me how much in good shape I am; it is due to primal therapy.

All that said, I want to wish to you that you go on in the next years in the best health possible, that I really appreciate what primal therapy has done for me and that not only you discovered it but you are devoted at researching and making it evolve. Maybe one day it will be so efficient as to cure many more people because it is a long and harsh way.
Happy birthday, Art

H. P., France

Art:   Congratulations on starting your 10th decade.    Best Wishes on your 90th Birthday.
From one of your very 'patient' admirers.

J. W., USA

I was 21 years old and it was 1971 when I first read The Primal Scream.  My boyfriend came into my apartment excitedly and gave me the book and said you have to read this book.  It was so powerful and real to me and it was the truth that I had ached and longed for my entire life.  All I wanted was to get to therapy but I didn't know how.  By February 1976 I did manage  to get to the Primal Institute after I had completely fallen to pieces and I knew primal therapy was the only thing that was going to help me.  I was in therapy for about a year and a half at the Institute until they told me to get on with my life and that there was basically nothing more that they could do for me. I felt stronger from the therapy but I was left with a feeling sense that I needed more. There was no where else to go except buddy but that was very limited. So, I went on with my life, married a second time, had children, and went back to school. At least I was functional again.  But, lo and behold I still felt crippled and frozen in feelings and as the years moved along I stopped feeling and fell into neurotic ruts and act outs that became impossible to get out of.  My unfelt feelings were ruling my life. And my family along with myself suffered greatly.

I went into therapy again at the Center at the age of 61 and my two daughters and husband came into therapy as well. It has helped all of us tremendously. The therapy at the Center had changed and evolved since the days of the Institute and with the help of my therapist David I feel that I keep getting more and more of myself.  It feels extremely hard at times and I no longer think that there is a cure instead there is only going back and feeling more and more of the pain, going deeper and deeper. I know that the process is a life time journey of finding more of myself every time I feel.  It truly is amazing and wonderful.

Thank you Art,  If it wasn't for you and primal therapy I don't know that I would be alive today.  Thank you and happy 90th birthday.
With love,

J. H., Canada

Dear Art,

I first read the Primal Scream in May of 1972, when I was 18. A friend gave me a copy, and I stayed up all night reading it straight through�nothing had ever touched me like that before, or has since. My life changed forever. I called the Institute seeking therapy and was told there was a minimum age and I'd have to wait. I lived as best I could the next four and half years or so, until I could finally enter Primal Therapy at the Institute. By then I was a suicidal wreck, barely functional, unable to work and at times unable to even shop at the grocery store by myself. Therapy turned all that around, truly saved my life and gave me the gift of being able to build a life. I fell in love, went back to school, started a career and then a family. What a wondrous discovery you made and what a gift it is, in one way or another for millions.

Those were early days of Primal Therapy, and for me it was mostly a second-line affair. I reached a point where the Institute wasn't for me anymore, you were no longer really associated and not doing therapy as far as I knew. I trusted no one else for therapy, and so I had my period in the wilderness, years of attempting to get on by buddying and self-primaling, reading all your books but not really getting the help I needed. We did the best we could with our children, home births with me "catching", breast-feeding on demand for years, all the right "Primal" things in my mind but the fact is, as you've said so many times, it's who you really are that matters, not necessarily what words you use or what you do. And that proved out. The imprints are all powerful and I just did not have enough of myself. And so it was that as life went on and my children grew, life steadily grew worse, some hard knocks and losses crippled me and my family all the more. I could only try to manage my pain, couldn't feel it, it was all wrong. We suffered and needed to do something.

And hallelujah! You had a clinic again, you had continued to develop the therapy, the theory, the techniques, the effectiveness, and in particular the ability to access the first line�Primal Therapy had in essence become complete. As you once quipped, I "self" sacrificed for a few years so my wife and kids could get therapy first at the Center, but finally made it back into therapy myself. And now life, my relationships, everything�it's all so much better and continues to get better all the time. For me, my wife and my kids.

It's so amazing to me that you were (and are) not only brilliant and knowledgeable and open enough to discover and develop the therapy and theory, but that you are so tenacious in continuing to do so. And that, like Frost's road less traveled, has made all the difference. For me, my wife, my children. For so many. It's impossible for words to capture, but thank you. Thank you.
So have a wonderfully Happy 90th Birthday!

P. H., USA

Wishing you a wonderful birthday with lots of family and friends!

O. K., USA

Dear Dr Janov

Happy Birthday Art,

I know it is your birthday today,
I was born in 1974, which is a 4 number, just like You.
Since I've turned 40 this year,
I'm feeling so old, thinking of retirement already,
I can't imagine 90!
I hope you're doing well, and wish you a Happy Birthday,
But please, no birthday cake for M.!

Best Wishes,

If you can't put a face on my name, I'm the one who came to Halloween group 2006 with an inflatable doll

O. T., France

I feel that Art Janov is a true, not yet fully recognized Genius. His Primal Therapy has and continues to save my life. Born in WW11 with unimaginable horrors throughout my childhood. No therapy on earth was ever able to help me access major feelings under the age of one year old that changed and are still changing my life in the present. I totally concur with Marjan Tosic. Thank you Art for changing the human race for the better.

L. M., California, USA 2013

I just wanted to write and thank you both very much for what you provide at the Janov center. Since first contact with the center I have only experienced efficiency, professionalism, sincerity, kindness and respect. I am extremely grateful to Ken, David, Morey, Marie and Claudia for their kind, intelligent, expert, safe, experienced dedication and therapy. But probably none of that exists without you so thank you.

Dr Janov (Art) I would also like to thank you for your therapeutic discoveries, your profound and accessible writing and for withstanding professional and perhaps personal scrutiny and no doubt worse, to hold onto, preserve and develop a precious way for us to heal ourselves with the right guide and support. I have spent a long time acting out my pain self-destructively and being largely unconscious about the origins of why I felt so horrible at times, just lost and confused and despairing I could or would ever feel differently.

Just having your writing has helped me to not just totally give up. You helped me understand there are reasons why we might hurt this much, have these problems or behave in certain ways and even when you can't remember or don't know why, that it's possible to discover the origins of the pain and heal from there.

That has been something (hope) to hold onto and of great comfort when little else has. Breaking the silence on how deep the human condition runs in us and shapes us. Deconstructing and demonstrating it in individual case studies, explaining it anatomically, physiologically, embryologically, epi/genetically, emotionally, psychologically and all without judgment just compassionate honesty. It is fascinating and gave me a lot and increasing amounts to hold onto until I could begin to feel my version of the human condition and start to heal. The totality of primal therapy now is so reassuring, it's encompassing of such a broad scope of knowledge and experience and executed here so cleanly and professionally. It is a wonderful discovery in its profundity while being simple and innate to us.

If even one in 10 thousand of us could contribute what you and the staff at the Janov center have and do to the world it would be a vastly different and more humane loving and caring place.

Thanks again, I am deeply grateful.

G. N., New Zealand 2013

Veteran Avenue Much of the actual "Reflection debate" is about opinions, ie, values and interpretations of actions in Hollywood, whose existence is based on professional and great neurotic actors that interpret charismatic, often neurotic personalities. By the marketing of one of the world's most neurotic industries, the Entertainment Industry, we are being seduced to watching and listening to their products against payment. What lessons do you think can be learnt by knowing that a young actor desperately is stealing a few minutes of attention in the "Universal Studios of Madness"? He seems to be in the right place with the appropriate characteristics to fulfil his neurotic need. On ideologic grounds, the American Society is opposed to paying for a treatment in Primal Therapy. So is The Pharmaceutical Industry his only choice???) For me being a veteran, the fantastic thing with The Primal Scream, and most of the books of Art is that they gave an "X-ray" of how imprinted / repressed mental /physical pain produced anxiety, depression, and in order for survival, a neurotic, false behavior. Art described his impressions of patients actions and expressions alternating with the patients' own interpretations of the wordless agony they went through during their primals. My hope one day to demystify my epileptic stigma was born when I eventually realized Art's ingenious understanding of Evolution. He discovered that evolution; short term saved our lives but left us with the, long term, humiliation it meant being prisoners of imprinted pain. Art's route to "Evolution in Reverse" is the option to cure. My pain, anxiety and my neuroses developed my ability to please employers and women which took me on exciting trips to new cultures and languages. My adventures were pain propelled neuroses which gave a painkilling effect that normally lasted for up to 3 years at a time. By showing respect and sympathy to the world, I can still positively remember those years after I re-lived my dramatic birth-trauma and no longer need those intoxications to repress my stigma. For a considerable time, my neuroses-propelled actions were my option to survive, be productive and create jobs for others. These neuroses that once were my life-belts are now dissolved - without function. However they are part of my memory and past, and a rich experience I'm happy to have been part of. Now a veteran of Primal Therapy, I lived by coincidence, on Veterans Avenue in Beverly Hills, when I went to Primal Therapy 1978/79....

J. J. February 2013, Sweden

I attended at N. Almond St. 1977-1978 (Bernie was my first therapist), also the first retreat ever in Champery, Switzerland, summer 1980, London 1980/81, Copenhagen Easter 1981, Paris fall 1983, spring 1984, had a free session with you spring 1990 in the first location of your Center in Venice, and then met you in 1991 and 1992, all while my now exwife Annamaria was in training. My health and life are good. I will always remember you with utmost gratitude and admiration. Nobel Prize? No, you are above that level. Think of Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, Einstein and Hawkings. You come out on top of them all. Kind regards to France and Rick.

E.L. August 31 2012

Primal Therapy is the best thing that ever happened to me. My family agrees.

G. W. LA. May 2012

Dr. Janov, you are ahead of science and point out what is wrong, but how many believe you?
Only the few who don't need proof for what our brain-stem already knows. Modern medicine has become a money and fame making machine, because it excludes the natural human being.

S.A. May 3rd 2012 Germany

......That said, my hope is that with the inevitable convergence of mainstream medical science and Primal science, the truth of Primal theory becomes inescapable, even to unfeeling eggheads!

P.H. April 12 USA

Thanks to Primal Therapy and "Evolution in Reverse" all this is possible. The more I've been able to feel my pain and become free, the more I've been capable to regain my true personality and be myself and the less I need to create a neurotic filter to face life.
"Evolution in Reverse" has been my guide to really be consciously aware of the meaning of the "Biology of Love". How? For example, the positive imprint of the love Eva showed me, more than 50 years ago, has been part of my hidden strength, but not, until now, I've dared really to feel and understand the importance of love, when I have been free from my catastrophic pain during birth!12
I think that my life with my horrific birth, the consequences of a traumatic illness, epilepsy, Primal Therapy and your guidance and the reestablished love / contact with Eva is such a wonderful and positive example of the basic conditions of a sane and meaningful life that it could be a tremendous inspiration for many who are suffering. "Memory of Love" or "Love in Reverse" could very well be the title of my next book. It will be a book about my life story, covering my neurotic life as a prisoner of pain and how your principles of Evolution in Reverse gave me a new life and how I discovered/reestablished my old relation before being "chemically lobotomized", etc

We have an amazing story with a revolutionary therapy, a sensational cure of a neurotic epileptic and an unusual love story, documented over 50 years.
Can we ask for more?

J.J. April 8 Spain

I did years of primal therapy at the Primal Institute, and after that, years of buddying and self-primaling, and now I have re-entered therapy as a patient at the Primal Center. There is a world of difference between primal therapy in the early days and therapy as it is now practiced at the Center, and a world of difference between therapy at the Institute today and the Center.

I don't even consider what's done at the Institute primal therapy anymore. And that's based entirely on my experience--no one at the Center has ever said anything to me about the Institute. So I'm surprised that you don't seem to draw any distinction between the two.

Jean H. April 6, USA

My experiences in Primal therapy in the 70s and 80s were truly the beginning of "real" living for me. I went from very depressed and unfocussed to becoming a medical doctor and most certainly would not have made that transition without "digging deep" in my therapy after Janovs books shed light.


What a gift to all to take part in that energetic field you create when you are inquiring about the mysteries of life. It is what keeps challenging us to ask about the how's, why's, and what-ifs that intrigue us all. Thank you for your gifts that continue to bless me.

JW. April 2012

I have read quite a bit on LSD and some forty-odd years ago, did some LSD (the 70's). Your explanation of what happened to me in terms of gating deep pain and also, the pleasant alterations of consciousness in some cases, is wonderfully expressed. You were once filmed regarding John Lennon's ability to take ideas he was exposed to and express them in a pithy fashion. I believe it may have been in your ongoing discussions with Lennon that his comment about God occurred, not sure about that: God is a concept by which we measure our pain.
For me, in reading your expression here, I feel that you have that ability too, Art, to take complex matters and render them very accessible to the reader. I now understand that one of my 'trips' in the early days, one that left me in hospital, was the result of uncontrolled gating, and that during the course of several hours I was psychotic, and being born, a breech birth. It is very clear to me now exactly what happened. I was fortunate to survive that experience and can fully support your statements made more than a few times on this blog that LSD can be extremely traumatizing, dangerous. I had no idea what actual psychosis was until it took into another reality. I simply left the room, so to speak and was living in another universe in my head. During that time, I could have walked in front of a train while believing I was going for a glass of warm milk and a nap. Thank-you for this piece on hallucinogens and for giving your time to this blog as much as you are able, Art.

B. C. April 12 USA.

To Dr Janov, for still being so good, still sticking to the truth and expressing it so well. Maybe the rest of the world is beginning to catch up with ideas that it wasn�t ready for in the beginning. I surely hope so.

E. B. Sweden April-12
former patient (1981-1982)

Dear Dr. Janov:

I found it particularly powerful that 5times as many boys as girls develop autism and that the explanation was the greater nurturing need of boy babies and boy infants and boy children than girls. This ties directly into your marvelous work and your books, including "The Feeling Child" and the Primal Scream
M. G. April 12 NY, USA

Thanks to Dr Janov's and all the contributions from all of you at the Primal Center, I am no longer completely in the spell of this 'pressure' (first line) and strangely I am just about making a success of my profession despite being in the grip of the worst construction recession since the 30s.

Paul G. April 12 USA

Dear Art,
Yesterday had an amazing session with David. So happy primal therapy exist! Walking out from the center yesterday felt like i know a secret to life. Thank you for bringing this therapy into the world.

D. V (Lithuania)..march 12

Excerpt from a post on Dr Janov's Blog : "On the Real Meaning of LSD and Hallucinogens":

I have read quite a bit on LSD and some forty-odd years ago, did some LSD (the 70's). Your explanation of what happened to me in terms of gating deep pain and also, the pleasant alterations of consciousness in some cases, is wonderfully expressed. You were once filmed regarding John Lennon's ability to take ideas he was exposed to and express them in a pithy fashion. I believe it may have been in your ongoing discussions with Lennon that his comment about God occurred, not sure about that: God is a concept by which we measure our pain.
For me, in reading your expression here, I feel that you have that ability too, Art, to take complex matters and render them very accessible to the reader. I now understand that one of my 'trips' in the early days, one that left me in hospital, was the result of uncontrolled gating, and that during the course of several hours I was psychotic, and being born, a breech birth. It is very clear to me now exactly what happened. I was fortunate to survive that experience and can fully support your statements made more than a few times on this blog that LSD can be extremely traumatizing, dangerous. I had no idea what actual psychosis was until it took into another reality. I simply left the room, so to speak and was living in another universe in my head. During that time, I could have walked in front of a train while believing I was going for a glass of warm milk and a nap. Thank-you for this piece on hallucinogens and for giving your time to this blog as much as you are able, Art.

B. April 12 USA

You are welcome. LSD was supposed to be the great liberator; many shrinks still think so. But all I ever saw, and I treated guys who came down from Haight-Ashbury in san francisco, was damage beyond imagination. art janov

Thanks to all the contributions from all of you, I am no longer completely in the spell of this 'pressure' and strangely I am just about making a success of my profession despite being in the grip of the worst construction recession since the 30s.

Paul G. March 12 USA

If it were not for Dr Janov many of us would have been lost along the way. I will always be grateful that I read his book Primal scream, because it helped me not only to dive into feeling, but also to understand my compulsive biology.

D. B. February 12

Through your work acknowledged and embraced (and it must now be only a matter of time), we can see the human being finally arrived, strong and healthy after just one or two more generations........if we can hang on and follow this conversion in our understanding and practices.
Here's to you! This most significant and historic work.

K.R. February12 USA

However, it's thanks to primal therapy that I am now an outgoing, popular person (very different from the unhappy young man who arrived at Almont Drive in 1973). It's also thanks to you recommending I read Primal Healing, in the emails we exchanged in late 2009, that I finally got into birth primals.

In my opinion, Art, you are without doubt the greatest man in the whole history of psychiatry, and I will be forever grateful to you for how you have changed my life.

J.C. England February 2- 12

Thanks again Art, for continuing to lead the way to a robust, evidence based understanding of this profound mechanism.

B.W. February 12 -12 Canada

I use the knowledge of the articles to make my own therapy. I have feeled the most important imprint of birth. I am near the end. I work alone because nobody may completely understand. I am free for 90 %. results
I am a nurse, i understand the Janovian language. It is very interesting because i can verificate it is true!
Thank you very much for your contribution!

M-F D Belgium January -22-12

hi France,hi David
first i want to wish you a happy new year,
recently i have been feeling better, i feel more connected to the present,when i think i am less anxious and less angry at myself, i am also less embarassed at myself, meaning when i do something i don't resass it for 5 minutes feeling bad about my actions. In resume i can think and get interested in the present ,i can stay concentrated too which i couldn't before.
I am also more positive.

All that is from my work with David, first line feelings and feelings from my harsh past. I am eager to take back my sessions with David as i know i will feel even better in the long run.

H.P 2012. France

No words can express my love for this man!
Dr. Janov's numerology chart does indicate two master numbers in his name : (soul urge ? 11/2; heart's desire - 11/2) and a strong potential for intuition (psychic ? 2).
However, how did this man develop such a powerful, vital therapy (Primal Therapy)?
He was an 'ordinary' psychoanalytic talk therapist.
Dr. Janov had a compassion for people and he was open to exploring the healing of deeply wounded persons. Many angels and archangels were attracted to him and his exploration.
Dr. Janov was open to new approaches. He had the courage and curiosity to move into new areas. His work broke open the barriers to healing repressed wounds.
He had the courage and the persistence to follow through with his break-throughs: his therapy desperately needed by our society.
M. G, B.Sc. USA. December.23.11

Your book arrived. Congratulations. Wonderful, pioneering contribution!

J.P 1 - December 13-11 Canada.

.......This is true your words are so true
your research is amazing and it has helped me stay alive, thank you again.
the therapy has made my life so much better.Thanks to your great help
somehow i can cope, now the pain only lasts a minute.

thank you so much

LME. USA 2010.
(Commenting on an article published by Dr A. Janov on his blog :, titled "Deep Hopelessness" can I ever put a value on giving me my life back after I was so broken coming home from Vietnam.
I wouldn't be here without you .......

W C. 3/2010

...........-Art has stuck with this ( Primal) and I think it has developed and improved. The new website is great and I find my self excited and inspired again. The last time I was at the Primal Center I had a really good feeling (I just mean general feeling) about Art the therapists and the center, and I'm hard to please. I think Art should be praised for being so devoted to Primal Therapy against the overwhelming negativity.

SPS. 3/6/2010

.......Primal therapy is about making permanent connections between all three parts of the brain.

"Connection". Dr. Janov says it so many times. It cannot be said enough.

When we connect we do two things:

1) We become able to understand and resolve a past feeling WHILE WE ARE CONSCIOUS OF IT.
We don't invent answers after being hit by confusing feelings (unconnected feelings).

2) We establish permanent, unblocked highways between all three parts of the brain. When we do this,
we can feel freely, without neurotic diversions. When we can feel deeply and freely, we can fulfill our present


When I feel anoxia on first line I am CONSCIOUS that I am going to die because I don't have air.
I am experiencing that I have no air, there are no words, but I KNOW, I am CONSCIOUS that
I NEED air to survive. Experiencing anoxia IS the need.

After the anoxia I am, literally, able to take in more oxygen. I breathe deeper and slower,
feel more present, etc., etc.

M. F. (LA. 2010)
following up on an article from Dr Janov on : : Feeling the "need" on first line.

I call primal health "optimistic intelligence" and I am tired of being optimistically stupid. ha I really want to thank you for all you have done and are doing to help this poor suffering world.

DS. USA. 2/2101


A Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year to you and yours.

Thanks for writing the Primal Scream.
Thanks for publishing your other wonderful books.
Thanks for everything.
You are the greatest!

MMD, USA 1/2010

Sure you can quote my letter on your website.

I am so happy and it is so new to me that i can go around anxiety free, i am so relieved.
I know what it means to you and David, i have made so much progress since i begun therapy in 2000, and i know you have been following my progress.
You are nice and you have my best wishes for a nice year.

H.P Paris 2010

i want to write this because i feel it is important for me

i started again my sessions with David a couple of months ago and these were very important sessions to me, i think the distance between me and David helped since we are doing video sessions.

i talked and cried about something that was very intimate and personnal, i talked about how i was bullied and left aside all my youth, which is a lot of pain, at the time nobody realised how much pain it was, even i seemed numbed as i wouldn't react, i was silent, but underneath that silence there was a mountain of pain, just ready to be let out so during the sessions i cried and cried.

i began my sessions with my anxiety which turned into the past and how nobody would see me, want to be with me, and mocked me, this turned out in the feeling nobody will accept me and finally i had to shout out look at me, i am here, i exist, just let me be. I cried for hours, letting out all my pain over the years.

I have had anxiety attacks for the past 20 years unabling me to live my life.In my last session i had an insight, my anxiety, very strong fears , i was so scared nobody will accept me.
Since then my anxiety has almost completely disappeared and i'm starting to have a lot of projects, i can finally live my life.
I have also changed, not letting everyone take advantage of me, and if i feel someone is being abusive i will let the person know

H.P Paris 2010
I have become much more aware of my reactions to different people and situations that I never noticed before. I also am beginning to understand much better about other peoples feelings and how I can affect them. I have a lot of work there.
Primal Therapy is subtle but it is very deep. I know that now. I can cope with a lot more things than I ever could before. Recently I went on a United Way bike ride that was organized for work and my former girlfriend Julie participated. I actually talked with her and saw her in a totally different way. Without the therapy I would just have been quite aloof to her as I have done in the past. Hiding. It wasn't easy but I took a few steps that day.

Small steps ...that's how I have to go

Primal Therapy gets you started but how you use it and incorporate it into your life is where the real benefit comes. I am just scratching the surface of that but have already had moments and experiences I would no way have had without the therapy. I have actually experienced some real joy from people and situations. Just being able to feel a part of something. I always felt apart somehow.

N.P., Canada, November 2009

....... I was a very neurotic young man at that time. I had recently been honorably discharged from the Marine Corps after serving two eventful tours of duty as a low ranking rifleman. I had been severely injured in the summer of 1968 but was back in action by early Jan. 1969 and had another eventful tour: large battles at close range with the NVA. Killed many and saw many comrades die and be severely injured. The usual things that wars are all about.
After all this I was a very painfilled person. I know you know about these things and that at one time you did some work for the VA prior to creating PRIMAL THERAPY.
I just want to thank you for creating this PRIMAL THERAPY. I consider it the most important discovery and development of all time. It is THE SCIENCE of the origins and treatment mental illness. It is everything you have said it is and it SAVED MY LIFE.
I regret not being able to receive treatment at THE PRIMAL INSTITUTE. But I was open to and ready to feel all the misery I had amassed in my at that time, young life.
The purpose of this response is to thank you for creating this marvelous therapy. For reasons of my own I wish to maintain what little privacy is left in this era we live in and will sign off with my web name which is Dr.Syntax. I am no doctor and do not pretend to be one. Dr.Syntax is a fictional character from early 19th century English transferware pottery. The Tours of Dr.Syntax.
So,with that said, Thank You Sir for saving my life, Dr.Syntax

I just want to thank you for creating this PRIMAL THERAPY. I consider it the most important discovery and development of all time. It is THE SCIENCE of the origins and treatment mental illness. It is everything you have said it is and it SAVED MY LIFE.
The purpose of this response is to thank you for creating this marvelous therapy. For reasons of my own I wish to maintain what little privacy is left in this era we live in and will sign off with my web name which is Dr. Syntax. I am no doctor and do not pretend to be one. Dr. Syntax is a fictional character from early 19th century English transferware pottery. So, with that said, Thank You Sir for saving my life.

Dr. Syntax, November 2009

Hi, for your FAQ page, I would like to suggest a question pertaining to why Primal Therapy is not more in use by more therapists, and why more people are not trying it out.

I myself have had fantastic primal experiences, which were so real and helpful. Yet, the very same process, at other times, proved to be disintegrating.

Complete re-building, integration, and recovery of the lost self appears to me to be a complex process, requiring different modalities for different people at different times.

Also, isn't it imperative to become, eventually one's own therapist? Otherwise, how can there be true healing if one does not know ones own feelings.

Doesn't Dr. Janov do his own therapy; have primals on his own, trust his own judgment on this? It always feels as if Dr. Janov wants to control the use of primal which for me begs the question: if this is truly an organic process, a universally true one, then isn't there a healer deep within each person. Doesn't Dr. Janov want to put the power in the hands of people everywhere to take advantage of this, including people who can't afford to pay a great deal of money that most people just do not have?

I appreciate his great genius, but I am frustrated with his adherence to his one and only true way as the only way, and wish he would discuss more the complexities of the process, and how for some people they need strengthening of their ego structure, along with feeling therapy, or feeling deeper feelings could become disintegrating, and therefore destructive. Some years ago I was thinking of coming to the primal center. I spoke with a man who's name I don't remember. But I believe he said he worked in close partnership with Dr. Janov. I found him to be aloof and very intellectual, and shockingly unlike anything I would expect a primal person to be. So, again I am saying that I love the writings and ideas of Dr. Janov, but I do wish he were more inclusive, less exclusive.

Thanks, E. Sept. 09

"Dear E.

Ay, ay, ay. Our training has been open to any professional for years. It is a very complex theory and therapy and all I want to do is protect the public, since we spend half our time fixing up those who went to people who didn't have the proper extensive training Primal Therapy requires. How many ways are there to make electricity? It is not a matter of democracy; it is a matter of science. I included a little something that may help explain this below. I guarantee you that whoever says they worked with me it is almost never true. We hear those stories over and over again. Would you want to be in the hands of someone with no training or perhaps six months of training, or someone with 15 y ears of training? You may find my blog ( helpful in answering some of your questions, as there are many articles there.

My Best,
Dr. Art Janov"

I am so pleased with your work, the material you provide on your website, it is what caused my breakthough this week. Thank you for what you do, the educational material you provide, and thank you for caring enough about we humans to help us find our way. I am amazed by the Primal way, and I am a true believer in it. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I had the breakthrough I had this week. Best wishes.

S. C, USA, 12/2009

Success is experiencing meaning in your life, real meaning in the Primal sense. Success is a brain that actually works as it was meant to. Those who have achieved this through Primal are so privileged. We only have one life and to live it without meaning must surely be one of the greatest sorrows. Steve, Scotland 11/2009

Just watched Saving Private Ryan......and the tears and the pain I am privilidged to feel in the here and now are real. As a feeling man with a lifetime of inquirey I still ask is there no way to end the slaughter that Primal holds the key to ending. If people were content with the joys that life holds in its simplicity, in its wonderment, without seemingly striving to abate the tension and historical pain through projective identification, spliting, etc etc....Art what can be done? Without Primal is cannot stop. Our destiny as humans is sound child rearing practices and adequate therapy. Forgive me. I know I am a fool...of sorts. You have my honor of you. I wish I could express myself in writing this to you, in all its ramifications and idealism.

B.J.F. 11/2009

Dear Dr. Janov,

I began Primal Therapy with Jean Jackson in 1979, and met you a few times in the course of my treatment.

I contributed an article to the Newsletter about buried pain and writer's block. Along with that, I basically cured my low self-esteem, depression and anxiety over the course of the first year.

I have been active since the mid-1980s with Lloyd deMause's International Psychohistorical Association, scholars who seek to apply psychological theories to the study of the social sciences. I have been presenting papers for many years now at their conventions, and recently put them together in a book, for which I quickly found a publisher. The title is The Politics of Pain: The Psychological Roots of Tyranny and Genocide, and it will be coming out soon (hopefully this spring). The publisher is McFarland and Co. I'll send a copy when it comes out.

Thanks again for changing my life so much. I grieved terribly over Jean Jackson's untimely death.

R. M. NY 2009

Hello Folks.
Glad to see you are still at it after all these years. My experiences in Primal therapy in the 70s and 80s were truly the beginning of "real" living for me. I went from very depressed and unfocussed to becoming a medical doctor and most certainly would not have made that transition without "digging deep" in my therapy after Janovs books shed light.

I am wondering if the scientific results and findings regarding neurotransmitters, hormones et al are in print and where I could find them

J. F. MD 9.2009

Answer :
Dear J..



Dear Dr. Janov,

For two reasons, I am requesting that you publish (preferably on your website) more detailed information about the bodily measurements you have done with your clients.

First, as you have noted many times over the years, there are thousands of "primal" therapy people who are not actually doing the work. But they do not know it. Most of their "therapists" don't know it. Yet, measurements of blood pressure, heart rate and extremities' temperature are easy to do and could reveal to many of these folks that they might be fooling themselves (if they were able to compare their measurements with your numbers). They might then make better choices for themselves. (These thousands include a number of clients who were yours originally.)

Second, I believe there is a synergy about ideas that finally get accepted (the 100th monkey). Your ideas of body measurements showing tension have never really caught on - I have a book coming out in the next few months that will talk about self-measuring of inner peacefulness of spiritually-minded folks by measuring blood pressure, heart rate and fingertip temperature (all easy to measure inexpensively). In fact, I did measure a few folks who were doing "primal" (perhaps not what you would call it) - these measures showed that some were definitely less stressed than average folks; others were likely caught up in what I call longstanding detours. I have included these general "primal" results in my book (as well as my own waking-up measures of 110/60 blood pressure, 50 beats-per-minute heart rate and 97F fingertip temperature). In your published works that I have read, there are few specifics. I think specific averages or means, both long-term and short-term with your clients, would be helpful for those who follow "primal" paths. If these measures are publicly available somewhere, please let me know where. Such figures could be useful as well for those spiritually-oriented of my book whom I could refer to your website for further information. Many of them are also fooling themselves. (I am not suggesting you publish the results of brain-testing, because most people have no easy access to the equipment required.)

A bit of my background - I did my first primal intensive 35 years ago with a therapist originally trained by you. My interests have since branched into the spiritual, yet the primal base remains valuable today. I think of you as a courageous pioneer. For what you have both attempted and accomplished, I thank you.

T. W. USA,2008

Through the wonders of YouTube, I encountered an interview of Dr. Janov's concerning his newest book. It brought back a rush of memories of my own wonderful, life-saving experience in Primal Therapy. About thirty-four years ago I entered Primal Therapy as an attempted suicide survivor headed for the second try. Therapists Patti and GP lead me through the labyrinth of pain and as a result I've had a third century of great years. For thirty-three years, I have lived and worked abroad teaching American children. When the need calls to unload some recessive pain, I still speak to Patti and GP after all these years, unbeknownst to them, of course.

I wanted to thank Dr. Janov for his miraculous break-through in feeling pain out, not thinking it out. Your theory and trained therapists saved my life and left me with these many years of positive, clear-thinking, realistic attitude.

Life is great ! Thanks, M.R., September 2009


You are and have been such an important person to me for more than three decades since I first read the Primal Scream. In many ways, I credit you with saving my life. At times I mean that literally. Other times I mean it in the sense of bringing me back in touch with me. Always, always I feel deep gratitude for your having come into my life, first through your book, and in later years in person and through my therapy. Thank you for all you have given me. I live a richer, fuller life because of the help of primal therapy, because of you.

J.W., North Carolina, July 2009

Dear Dr Janov,

Once again, thank you for Primal Therapy. As you may remember, I was a client between 2000 and 2004.

I had a difficult birth, and then suffered many years of vicious physical and psychological abuse. As a result, I had severe depression and some other debilitating psychological problems. I spent my life on medications, going from one psychiatrist or psychologist to another. None of these efforts helped substantially and some of them backfired.

Primal Therapy cured the severe depression and some horrible compulsions. I was able to stop taking medications. The problems that were resolved have not returned. Also my social life, originally extremely dysfunctional, started to become relatively normal.

All of this was accomplished by your fine therapists. Thank you to all.

Your books are easily the best on psychology I have read. It's because they are real. There is so much nonsense elsewhere. It is a great shame that so called psychology has gravitated towards pill popping and a quick fix.

An evolutionary process must have been required to develop the techniques that I and others have benefited from. I can only admire your ingenuity and perseverance.

Yours sincerely,
R.S., Australia, August 2009

Your Therapy Gave Me Life

Dear Art,

I think of you often...I am always grateful I found your book, The Primal Scream, and came for therapy in New York, 1979...and came for training in California, 1994...both experiences were invaluable...your therapy surely gave me life...thank you...

J.H., New York, August 2009

The bulk of thanks go to your Therapy. Three years ago I couldn't have imagined that at age 69 I would be in graduate school working on my masters and MFT license. There are times when I wonder if this therapy is working (especially if I'm feeling less than great) but all I have to do is take inventory of my life now as opposed to three years ago, and I marvel at the difference. Thanks so much for everything.

F.R. California 2009

Dear France,
It's so good to hear from you. When I write to you and Art it's partly an attempt to stay or feel connected from across the distance. Hearing back from you--your kind words--certainly stenghtens my sense of connection to you both and to the center. I realize this month marks my fourth anniversary--four whole years--at the center. I feel in that time like I've lived a whole life almost. And in spite of this period of crisis I'm still in it seems because of the therapy that I grow a bit stronger each day. Which gives me hope (the real kind) and confidence for the future.

And once again I want to say I can never fully express my gratitutde to you and Art and to the center.

Best Wishes,
R.B., Pennsylvania 2009

Dear Art,
I went through the PT in 1976-77 (North Almont Drive) with my wife Milly. I am now 69 and alive. I know I would not be without PT. It would be impossible to count all the benefits that come to you through feeling old feelings day in day out for years. I still feel, though much more sporadically. Milly died two months ago as a result of breast cancer spreading through her body. The agony of her loss is shaking my world. Yet I am happy at the thought of our life and love in the post-PT years together. Thank you for that

With much sadness,
J., 2009

The therapy at your Center really worked for me and I learned a lot in these three weeks. What was a very pleasant surprise is that after so many years of not having a therapist, I could feel strong feelings from the very first session.

I see that you have put some videos on your Website and it's a great idea. I attended 3 theoretical training sessions and one Practicum at your Center and I bought 14 DVD-s with different lectures. Now I'm watching your internet videos and study them in case I catch up with the training one day at your Center. I bought The Primal Healing at your Center and I have read it. After my short but efficient therapy I now read and understand Art's books in a different way. Also, I have my own ideas about what is going on during the therapy.

All the best,
M.T., 2009

From the depths of a terrible deep neurosis, totally shut down, a lonely aging man, I made a commitment to learn how to feel. I NEVER GAVE UP! I GOT BACK WHAT I NEEDED MOST! LOOK AT ME NOW!!!! Engaged to a 25 yr. old, expecting a baby in December, my life is permanantly changed! I used your Primal Therapy all the way to feel deepest intense feelings, terrible fear, and got back MYSELF! I will not lose him again, despite some remaining extremely unpleasant feeling sensations, I always ask myself, "what is this feeling over? What's it like? Incredible insights with CLEAR feelings are great. Thank you so much.

John, US

"I was fortunate enough to experience Primal Therapy in your Paris Institute during 1984.

Without the care and professionalism? I doubt if I'd have gotten through the last quarter of a century.

My debt to Primal Therapy is immeasurable. I was ill. Seeing my young daughter playfully squealing in delight as she ran around the sofa, hiding and seeking, brought on the most despicable thoughts any person can have. I wanted to cut her in two, shake her viscera around the living room, then attempt to piece her together again. Just like I'd experienced at her age: taken from my home, my mother, my family, to be adopted. Split from first memories to be given over to strangers. Coping with this emotional bifurcation didn't stop there. As I grew older I rationalized it: added political ideology to it, sought means to change my world by wanting to change the big world no matter the consequences.

"How I hated, how I worshipped the simple black and white truths ideology provides. Everything was explicable in my world view: the good guys and the bad guys. The liberators and the oppressors. Enemies and allies.

"Returning from Paris none of my stupid, crass, idiotic fundamentalist assertions meant anything to me. They were all lies, rationalizations for my unconscious feelings of wanting revenge, of wanting to be back with my family once more. Ideas and beliefs that had sustained me through my youth, university, professional life, evaporated, seen for what they were: I was unexpectedly liberated. Nothing was the same again. I saw reality for the first time.

Primal Therapy made me well and continued my life. I cannot thank you and your method enough."

-R.L., France 2009

It may be relevant for you to know that the primal work I did was critical, essential and it was only a start. In my view It is by no means "the" endpoint in process. It opened me to a diversity of riches that have taken me far beyond merely "open to my feelings..." In my opinion people do not often "get" meditation because there are so few well qualified teachers but also most of us westerners are beset with such coarse or gross emotional turbulance... "feeling ones feelings" is hands down the most efficient way to correct that, crank down to incessant mental emotional noise and so become capable of focussing attention with laser like stability and clarity...

J.F., MD

I am currently in a RENEWED state of awe at what your therapy achieves. After all these visits to India (and the wonderful momentary feeling of their expanded consciousness), after neurofeedback brain training (which is in itself very interesting and which quantifies aspects of both the meditation techniques and the problems accessed in Primal years ago) - I had a session with L. and after an hour or two of weeping, all my symptoms of stress are gone. All these techniques fit together to substantiate each other and the one with the power to relieve the pain is - PRIMAL.

Thank you!. J.G, Los Angeles. 2009

Hi France,

I'm watching your talk on "Relationships". Just wanted to let you know that I really like it. Especially the "honesty" part. Honesty with yourself. The whole talk explains the issues we get into in our relationships very well.
"Taking over the role of your parents to hurt yourself" - that certainly rings a bell.

Best video of your series I have seen so far!

ND. Australia 2008

Primal therapy may not have always been what it is today but, in response to talk about lack of 'empirical evidence', I can only say that I have doubts as to the extent to which quantitative studies can ever accurately measure qualitative phenomena. The Primal Center, in any case, would be too focused on the well-being of those who go to them for help to ask those people to submit themselves as guinea pigs for empirical studies, even if such studies could be meaningful (which, considering all the variables involved in human experience, I would say it was very doubtful that they could.)

Primal therapy is genuinely transformative. Discovering it has completely transformed my life.

M.G, USA, 2008

Primal therapy has given me back my sense of self, by enabling me to reconnect with my own emotional core.
Before coming here from England at the age of 26, I had tried more therapists and therapies than I can count; none of which brought about any qualitative changes in my life or in the way I felt about myself.
I was isolated, depressed and desperate and yet I felt emotionally numb at the same time. I had never had a relationship and I felt lacking in personality and as if I didn't "have a life."

Through primal all those things have changed. I now have a husband, great friends and a deeply fulfilling career as a teacher. In addition to this, I feel more real, more whole and more human than I ever have before and than I ever thought it was possible for me to feel.

I have read critiques of primal by the so-called orthodox psychological or scientific community and they make me shake my disbelief. The only explanation I can think of is that they must be based on either narrow minds, outdated information or on narrowly reductionistic mental models. (Because my experience tells a very different story).

Primal therapy may not have always been what it is today but, in response to talk about lack of 'empirical evidence', I can only say that I have doubts as to the extent to which quantitative studies can ever accurately measure qualitative phenomena. The Primal Center, in any case, would be too focused on the well-being of those who go to them for help to ask those people to submit themselves as guinea pigs for empirical studies, even if such studies could be meaningful (which, considering all the variables involved in human experience, I would say it was very doubtful that they could.)

Primal therapy is genuinely transformative. Discovering it has completely transformed my life.

M.G, USA, 2008

You can never know what the primal center and the therapy I have received means (to me). Some things can not be expressed in words.

Dear Art!

Once in a while I consult your homepage, which I like even more after you have given it a new elegant look and it's more accessible than the previous.

I recently bought and read The Primal Healing and I enjoyed every second of the reading, not the least the pages about epilepsy. The structure of the content is in it's comprehensive format (which goes for the whole book) the best documentation I've read about epilepsy and I've been looking around for almost 50 years.

I'm feeling better than ever and am in excellent shape both mentally and physically due to my insights about my epilepsy and the related distortions of all kinds which made my life a scary and painful prison.

When you used to ask me to describe what a seizure felt like I was never able to fully verbalize/explain all the dimensions of my feelings and pain. When I a short while ago reread Fyodor Dostoevsky The Idiot, I was astonished to discover how close his experiences were to the once I had. I wish I had some of his verbal brilliance when you asked.

You look great on your homepage an once more I like to thank you for what you have done for me.
It is hard to exaggerate the magnitude of the impact it has had.

Un fuerte abrazo
from Spain to you and France

Thanks Art!

For the first time in my life I am spending the holidays with a girlfriend! Until I found the Primal Center I had never managed to maintain a love relationship with a woman for longer than 3 - 4 months.

And those months never included the holidays so this year is especially sweet for me.

Thank you so much for your work and for establishing the Primal Center. My life would not be this fun had you not done this! No question about it!

Best of Holiday Wishes to you and France and everyone at the Primal Center!

I hope you are feeling better soon.


John, LA, USA, 12/09

Hello Dr Janov,

Being honest I would love to ask you 100 questions after reading your books. First of all: THANK YOU! I found so many answers to my questions I have been asking myself for ages!

Peter. ...(Germany 2008)

Dear Art!

Once in a while I consult your homepage, which I like even more after you have given it a new elegant look and it�s more accessible than the previous.

I recently bought and read The Primal Healing and I enjoyed every second of the reading, not the least the pages about epilepsy. The structure of the content is in it�s comprehensive format (which goes for the whole book) the best documentation I�ve read about epilepsy and I`ve been looking around for almost 50 years.

I'm feeling better than ever and am in excellent shape both mentally and physically due to my insights about my epilepsy and the related distortions of all kinds which made my life a scary and painful prison.

When you used to ask me to describe what a seizure felt like I was never able to fully verbalize/explain all the dimensions of my feelings and pain. When I a short while ago reread Fyodor Dostoyesky�s "The Idiot" (see enclosures) I was astonished now to discover how close his experiences were to the onces I had. I whish I had had som of his verbal brilliance when you asked.

You look great on your homepage and once more I like to thank you for what you have done for me. It�s hard to exaggerate the magnitude of the impact it has had.

Un fuerte abrazo
from Spain to you and France
Jan J. Spain, September 2008

Dear Art, dear France, dear therapists,

All what I wanted to say to ALL of you is "thank you"! from the bottom of my heart and to express my deepest appreciation of what you have discovered and improved over time, Art! I will NEVER be able to express my deep gratitude I feel towards all of you in words!

And, Art and France, thank you for the videos with patient interviews you put onto your website (and your blog, Art!). I hope that many people will read and listen to them and finally take steps to come into Primal therapy! I know - out of own experience - that we ALL tend to run away from our feelings - but feeling them and feeling the relief and the clarity after having felt a feeling - there is nothing, what compares to that (yes, my love I have gained through therapy towards people, the earth and my dear Alan!)

M.S. England. 2008

Dear Art,

From the depths of a terrible deep neurosis, totally shut down, a lonely aging man, I made a commitment to learn how to feel. I NEVER GAVE UP! I GOT BACK WHAT I NEEDED MOST! LOOK AT ME NOW!!!! My life is permanently changed! I used your Primal Therapy all the way to feel deepest intense feelings, terrible fear, and got back MYSELF! I will not lose him again, despite some remaining extremely unpleasant feeling sensations, I always ask myself, "what is this feeling over? What's it like? Incredible insights with CLEAR feelings are great. Thank you so much.


Harold, USA, 2008

Dear France

You have my authorization to post my story on the website.

I would like to tell you that I am getting very good responds from people I know in Israel about the video tapes posted on the site...your work was not in vain.

Again I would like to thank you and Art for simply being what you are, and for giving me this opportunity to have my real self.

I don't know any words to express how I feel physically and emotionally as a result of going through primal therapy.

I feel the need to thank you again I do!


A. G. Israel, June 2008

Dear Art and France,

This experience that I have been having since two weeks ago, I must share with you.

I don't know about other primal patients, but after years of therapy and selfprimaling I think I have reached a different state of mind, which resembles your phrase of becoming "predominantly real". I took me a few weeks to make sure that it is not a temporary experience. Needless to say, the last phase of my internal journey has started after the therapy I had there with you (with David) about six months ago and some selfprimaling after that.

Namely, I feel fine almost all the time, I feel, optimistic, energetic, I don't have that lifelong feeling of being lonely, of being less important than some other people, that "something is wrong with me", that I'm not what I really am, that something is missing in my life, that I'm not a complete man.

A very good indicator of what I'm talking about is the feeling I have walking down the streets full with people. Before, I always felt - more or less - lost, lonely, like "nobody is looking at me", "I'm not important to anyone here", "they seem to know where they are going, I don't", "they all seem to be somehow connected among themselves, I am not part of them", etc. Now all these feelings are gone. I just feel fine walking among other people. They have their lives, I have mine, they are just different, no one is better than the other. Each one of us belongs to the crowd to the same extent; there are not secret human ties among people that I'm excluded from. In some ways I was crazy.

My face skin have cleared; my throat is not so sensitive to cold water any more; one cold I had the last spring was gone in one day instead in five days; my back has straitened up, it is easier to walk strait than hunchbacked. My stage fright is almost gone completely.

It seems as if I have "found myself", that I feel good inside my skin, that I have "become a person", and that I have begun to live and learn for the first time. I feel that I have become whole, and that my life ? in a way ? has just begun.

And it is not only my subjective experience, because other people react to me in a much more positive way. They seem to like me, to want to be around me, to socialize with me. I also became much more open, ready to approach almost anyone, I start a conversation easily, I can risk more in coming to know someone. I'm not so much afraid of being rejected, of being criticized. I don't loose tamper any more if someone says something bad about me.

Some people that I have always seen as "better" than me, "with stronger personality", "more interesting than me", etc., I now see in a realistic way, they are just different, but we are all of equal value, so to speak. I became much more empathetic with people, I show them my feelings about them much more easily, I relate to people in a spontaneous and warm way. At the same time, I see the boundaries much more clearly, I control my life and my relationships with people much better.

Many things in me changed at the same time. I cannot say it all happened out of the blue sky, the change has been preparing itself for many years, but it came about my awareness in a relatively short period of time.

Am I perfect? No. After all, I have just begun to live and learn (after 48 years after I had been born). This fact makes me sad, but it's true. I have become a person at age 48, and your therapy has to do with it a good deal.

I have one picture in my head that graphically illustrates what I'm talking about. It is as if I was trying to putt together a puzzle for years and now I'm finally seeing the meaning of it (of who I am), although not all pieces of the puzzle are in place. What is important is that "I have myself" and the rest will fall into its place as times go by.

Thank god I lived long enough to come to know this wonderful feeling.

Thank you,

M. T. Serbia, May 2008

Dear friends: I am immersing myself again in Dr Janov's great books these days, and I must say he is brilliant.

M.C Montreal, Canada, April 2008

Dear Art and France,

I suppose you might be interested to hear from me. I'm doing fine. After the three week intensive with David in Oct/Nov 2007, I managed to go on feeling feelings. Given that I still don't have a sound proofed room in the town where I live now, I suppose that my brain is serving me some less intense feelings to be felt.

The therapy at your Center really worked for me and I learned a lot in these three weeks. What was a very pleasant surprise is that after so many years of not having a therapist, I could feel strong feelings from the very first session.

M.T Serbia, April 2008

My therapy has opened me up to more inside myself that has always been stagnating and eating me away and driving horrible anxieties. I don't feel the anxiety anymore, such a relief!!
- T.C., California, 2008

"The upshot of me having such good therapists and having double sessions each week is that the therapy has now gone down very deep for me. So deep I almost can't believe it. I've broken through to some of my most powerful needs, and its left me half stunned - as if for the first time, the pieces deep down in you finally fit. As if you're literally being reborn before your very eyes. But reborn into what you already are. How's that for a thought twister!

I"m also writing this to say thank you again. You've literally helped save my life. I can't really find words to tell you how grateful I am."

-- R.A., NY (USA) 2008

It's so good to hear from you. When I write to you and Dr. Art J. it's partly an attempt to stay or feel connected from across the distance. Hearing back from you--your kind words--certainly stenghtens my sense of connection to you both and to the center.
I realize this month marks my fourth anniversary--four whole years--at the center. I feel in that time like I've lived a whole life almost. And in spite of this period of crisis I'm still in it seems because of the therapy that I grow a bit stronger each day. Which gives me hope (the real kind) and confidence for the future.
Please by all means feel free to use my comments on the website. And once again I want to say I can never fully express my gratitude to you and Art and to the center.

Best Wishes, -- F.M., NY 2008

Dear Dr. Art J. and Dr. France J.: France: I just had to drop you a note of thanks for you help in getting me hooked up with Brenda Craven for my therapy. I could not be more pleased. I had some concerns about being able to open up over the phone to someone I'd never met in person, but as soon as I talked with Brenda, her warmth and empathy came right through. I've had two sessions with her thus far, and they have been wonderful in terms of relieving the pain that I've been carrying for a long time and that has been exacerbated by Michael's passing. Art: I had to send additional thanks your way for developing such a wonderful and powerful system of therapy. Deprived of it for so many years, I had forgotten the tremendous healing and release that come from deeply feeling feelings without letting the intellect get in the way. I have always been and forever will be grateful to you. Love to both of you,

- J.W, New York.

There are lots of different types of psychotherapies being practiced but as far as I can tell Primal Therapy is the only one that deals with the actual pain of childhood trauma. Feeling the pain is the only way to lasting health.

- G.B., NY 2006

Primal Therapy is the perfect solution to emotional healing. It is natural, practical, human - and most of all - IT WORKS!

You know without our saying it that you literally have the best therapists in the world. No one does what your therapists do. My experience with Brenda and Jack's experience with Ruth are priceless. You are lucky to have such a professional and highly skilled staff. We have read every book you wrote to the public.

- J & L, NH Sept 2006


PRIMAL HEALING is a book for people who want to feel better, make smarter choices, and live more satisfying lives. That's what Primal Therapy is doing for me, and I'm sure it can do the same for you and nearly anyone else.

I am currently going through Primal Therapy at Dr. Janov's Primal Center in Santa Monica, CA. I can honestly say that it is the greatest adventure of my entire life. My only regret is that I didn't start the therapy 20 years ago.

When I started at the Primal Center, I was taking Vicodin every night for pain in my legs, hips, and back. My anxiety was such that I would cringe with a jolt of fear whenever the phone or doorbell would ring. I was frightened of driving. I was scattered and disorganized. I was depressed, in agony, and filled with hopelessness. I had difficulty reading and could read at most for five or ten minutes at a time. It all seemed like one big chaotic nightmare.

After only one month of Primal Therapy, most of the physical pain I suffered was gone. I might add that this pain plagued me my whole life. I'm not certain when I stopped cringing at the sound of the phone and doorbell. I just noticed one day that I didn't do it anymore. Nowadays I'm simply curious to see who is there. I still don't like driving very much, but I'm no longer afraid to drive. These days I can look around in my office and see that it is in pretty good shape. It used to look like I'd thrown a hand grenade in here. I feel good almost every day and more often than not, I feel great. My relationship with my wife is many times better than it was before therapy. We now shower together every day. This might not seem like much to you, but we had never showered together in all the years of our marriage. It is now an event we both look forward to each day. We love to wash and pleasure each other. We have become very familiar with each other's bodies, which just makes good sense now we are older and more vulnerable to certain diseases. It also makes us closer than we have ever been. I'm much less scattered now and can read with full focus for hours at a time and enjoy it.

I'm sure you've guessed by now that I'm not an unbiased reviewer. Primal Therapy is very dear to me. I'm livin' it, and lovin' it.!

- Frank Robinette, CA, March 2007

I'm not writing this review to promote Primal Therapy. Unfortunately, at this time only a select few can have good Primal Therapy. There are too few therapists (in part because the training period is so long and rigorous) and too little time. Despite this, the implications of all the research and experience associated with Primal Therapy are not only many and profound; they are available for everyone to benefit from. This knowledge could revolutionize obstetrics, child rearing practices, and our education system. The effects of this would be to reduce mental illness, crime, drug use, and a host of other social afflictions. This would in turn revolutionize our prison system and law enforcement policies ? not to mention our nation's foreign policies.

During my life I have experienced a variety of psychotherapies including Client Centered Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Reevaluation Therapy, Tavi Group Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Feeling Therapy, Eclectic Therapy and even acquired a degree in psychology. With that I can assure you that Primal Therapy is not only the most effective, it is the only therapy that is real science, integrated with neuroscience so that the therapist can clearly evaluate the patient's progress. Because of this I can fully trust any of the therapists at the Primal Center because they all know where I stand in the course of my therapy. I'm sure the day is not far off, whenever you hear the word psychotherapy; you will know they are referring to Primal Therapy.

I have read all of Dr. Janov's books, including GRAND DELUSIONS, the one he has made available on his website ( Each of his books represents a step forward in his group's research of the theories and techniques of Primal Therapy. However, his latest book, PRIMAL HEALING, is as special today as was THE PRIMAL SCREAM in 1970. It is my opinion that if you are going to read only one of Janov's books, PRIMAL HEALING is the one. It is my favorite because it is a clear and precise compendium of all his work over the past 35 years. Just as THE PRIMAL SCREAM represented a quantum leap over all existing psychotherapies in 1970, PRIMAL HEALING today represents a quantum leap over THE PRIMAL SCREAM.

Finally I will simply say that if you want to be at the cutting edge of human advancement, PRIMAL HEALING is a book you must read.

- Frank Robinette, CA, March 2007

Thank you so much to Primal for saving my life many years ago, and in the last few years improving my quality of life. I live today "mostly" pain free.

- A.E.

Primal theory is the only psychology (really psychobiology) that relates to what I personally experience both externally and internally. It's the only theory asking the why of behavior and ones physiology. Only it says "man is the creature of the mind, feelings & emotion and body". Only it relates ones behavior to what he feels inside. Only it offers cure to what ails me mentally, emotional and medically. I've studied all the books on primal therapy.
The Book the Primal Scream changed my live when I read it in 1971.

- D.A., NY June 2006

All I can say is that Primal is the only therapy that ever felt right for me. My year in therapy has not changed my belief that Primal is the only way for people to make real and lasting changes. Everything else I have ever read in the field of Psychotherapy does not even come close.

- S.M., CA August 2006

I would like to thank Brenda, my therapist, and all the people at the Center for the two weeks I passed in there. I feel that it's been a small but fundamental step toward the knowledge of who I am/was. I could not have hoped for anything better than what I've got and I hope I can come back again next year.

- G.G., Italy

There have been many times in my life where I have felt sad, betrayed, and lonely. In the past I never knew why though. It was always something that just lingered in the back of my mind. I always felt like that pain/anxiety would never get better or go away. After having two therapists before, I never got anywhere until I was introduced to a therapy based on this book. I then took the step to enter into this program and I don't regret it, even in the slightest. It's helped me so very much to be more comfortable under my skin, to free myself from anxiety and to help me feel my pain and get it out of my system so that I can live a productive life.

- D.G., CA

... In any case ...I am touched by your response in that ....Art has been a Hero to me for over half of my life. Would that the earth be fortunate enough to have Primal available to every inhabitant we as a species might survive. The discovery and methodology certainly is there thanks to Dr. Janov. I remain utterly devoted to the Paradigm.

- B F , CA September 2006

My own experience in Primal Therapy has helped me to live in the present. I know that the suffering from the present connects to deeper Pain on the second and first line and that feeling that pain helps to allieviate my suffering. The connections that are made help me to know how the valance of the Pain drives my acting out behavior. Not only do I know why I behave the way I do but I also gain direction in being able to change the way I live my life.

- K.S , NY August 2006

Best therapy in the world. Only one that brings about permanent change. INCOMPARABLE. IT ROCKS !

- S.B, Australia, September 2006

Dear France and Art,

...I am absolutely certain that I could not have made these changes if it had not been for Primal Therapy. Things can seem completely bleak and hopeless. It was truly wonderful to be able to have sessions during this time. I have been able to feel more and more, and I have found out some amazing things. I didn't even know until recently that I live with a constant feeling of dread. Weeks ago when, I realized I am not worried about anything. It was amazing. I am always moved about something, always dreading something. Most of the time I am not sure what it is. But recently I have had truly happy days with nothing to fear or worry about. It might not sound much but to me it is extraordinary.

I studied the impact of birth experience on personality. I am really pleased because recently I heard that my poster is going t be presented at the annual conference of the division of health psychology within the British psychological society. My tutor very much to believe that my research will get published but I am not so sure.

I think I would like a time some spare time to have a social life. This has also been a big change for me actually being out there in the world. I have made a couple of really good new friends.

I am extremely fortunate to have been able to do Primal Therapy and to have help from the foundation. It has made all the difference. This year would have been unbearable without Primal Therapy. I really could go on and on thanking you. It is difficult to express what an enormous difference it has made to me. So thank you. My life is completely different to how it was when I left LA. I feel like it is my life now and I am in it. I can feel so excited about life and enjoy being in the moment and being with other people. Wow!

She will always be very special to me, as will the two of you. Thank you for everything. I hope you are both well. Maybe see you in September?

- V.L., England, 2006

"The meaning of being human"

Dear France & Art -

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. For showing by example the meaning of being human; what it is to be there for someone; what it means to dare. You have selflessly lain the greatest gifts at the feet of mankind - led the way in showing the difference individuals can make in the world, in a life.

- J.R., Massachusetts, June 2006

"Know who I am"

The therapy saved my life...literally. In a short time I went from living in pure hell (three suicide attempts) to living with a joy I never could have even imagined. I now know who I am and why I was in so much pain. But beyond knowing it I have felt what was festering inside and it has liberated me from it. How could ever thank you ?
P.S. : By the way I had spent years in therapy before coming to you. Nothing compares..

- C.H., Paris, March 2006

"An opportunity to feel"

"What started as a crisis with my health became an opportunity to feel and to resolve insights. I am not through this crisis yet, but I am not lost in it anymore either. Your support (not only the Foundation, but so much also your emails) and trust/belief in me helped me to get there.

For this - your straightforwardness, clarity, your warmth and care - my heart sings out a thank you to you and for the people you are."

- F.D., Germany, Christmas 2005

"There was no one to let it out to"

I know you must receive many much deserved "Thank yous" on a regular basis. But I feel you deserve another heartfelt "Thank you" from me. I found a copy of The Primal Scream while I was at a local used bookstore and the funny thing is the book literally fell into my hands. It was like I was meant to read it. Once I got through the introduction I knew that your book was IT. The book I have been searching for the last several years. I have spent a lot of time in the self help and parenting sections of every book store within a few miles of my home. So, after the introduction of The Primal Scream, I spent the next half an hour looking for a highlighter to highlight everything I knew I would need to come back to.

Now I will admit I have not finished your book. And maybe this letter to you is premature. But I can't tell you how much I have benefited from reading what I have read thus far. Things make sense now. I make sense to myself now. I have spent years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Like I said, I have read many MANY books in the self help sections of the bookstore and nothing has ever clicked. I have taken a few things from this book and that book, but your book, oh my, was like it was written for me about me.

I have always tried to figure out why things never seemed real to me. It was like things were real but didn't feel real. Everything has always had to be BIG in a BIG way for me to even begin to have an emotional connection at whatsoever. Over the years my tension has come to an all-time high due to build up from things that have happened to me from when I was 5 years old. I literally have memories of the day that I refer to as "The day my life went to Hell." At the age of 5! Everything just kept building up inside and there was no one to let it out to. But let me tell you that your book has opened me up inside. I can feel things because I understand now. Your book has given me a boost of energy in my lifelong journey of recreating myself. I know now that what is wrong with me has a name and it is indeed neurosis. I may even be considered a classic case judging by how much is highlighted in this book that applies to me. I don't want to mislead you into thinking that I am going to try to literally heal myself. I have just become aware and with that awareness I feel the strength I have been needing to move forward and to live in the now. I wish there was some way to thank you for what you have done for me. And I feel that I finally have the strength and the beginning of knowledge to become a better Mommy for my children. I even feel that I can give more love to my husband. Because IT IS OK to feel Love! I have always been secure with the fact that he thinks he loves me more than I do because at least I know if he loves me more than I love him than he must really love me a lot. But really, I think I might be able to let my wall down that was built around my heart. It's been there for so long it is almost like it is imbedded in me. I guess it is huh!?! It has been my way of protecting myself from further damage. As long as I did not let love in (or at [least] was selective) I wouldn't get hurt and so I could function and appear somewhat normal. Really on the inside I felt like my life was a TV show or something and that everyone was watching. Little hints that suggested I was suffering from neurosis. The funny thing is (well not that funny) NO ONE noticed. No one knew. There was no one!!!! I have known for a long time that anything could cause me to completely be gone inside. But because of my defense of not allowing myself to "feel" completely, I have survived. All of this emotional damage had stayed locked inside that when that "something" did happen to lead me into an episode of what I call temporary insanity, I scared everyone. I scared myself. A flow of emotions from age 5 all came to the surface and I could not stop it! Now that I am reading your book, it all makes sense. So ~Thank you~ from the bottom of my newly awaken heart. I know now that I can swim above the water and I will, I promise you! I am going to have my husband read this highlighted copy of your book so he can understand and hopefully quit trying so hard. I think he has tried so hard to help me in all the wrong ways that I fear if it continues he too may be a candidate for primal therapy... Thanks again for helping me. Not only will I be a better mom, I will be a better wife, and a better ME all because of your book. You are special. (and so is everyone that had a hand in your book:) Just wanted you to know.

- Sincerely, A truly Thankful Person October 2005

Dear Art,

A year ago when I came to the Center, I think I felt (somewhere in me) I wasn't going to make it. It was like a piece of shattered glass inside. My own ways and habits, they seemed to cut into me. At a deep, deep level I was a wreck.

Now it's been a year- a little anniversary for me. I want to kiss the ground I walk on. I'm happy I can breathe, walk, live. I can feel a healing happening.

This is just a little thank you note Art - I sent you one a year ago. This is just to say - thanks to you - I'm still here. I want to live.

With all my heart Art, I thank you for this therapy.

The therapy has been simply amazing for me, and I'm happy to say it out loud (so to speak) for others to hear. Art left me a phone message which just kind of made my day. I can't thank you both enough for this therapy. I think of the Center as a light shining bright in some bitter darkness.

Thank you again France & Best Wishes, . . . .

P.S. the image on this card-of a tiger waiting - signifies for me the deep strong life that has stayed in me.

Dear Art, dear France,

With this email I would like to thank you both. Art, what you have done in developing this therapy and both of you, in keeping it going, is really a lot. Art, I had and, unfortunately, still have to deal with neurotic psychologists over here. It hurts me in the bottom of my heart that you still have not gotten the worldwide recognition you deserve. By writing your books in a very clear language and easy to understand you have saved a lot of people's lives (including mine!) and you could have changed so many more!

Art, France, I imagine that this whole struggle in going against conventional therapy has really tired you and I would understand it if you both wanted to retire now.

To me you are and will be forever the people who were there for me, helped me, when I needed them and saved my life. I remember some other patient saying once that you have reached quite an age, Art. I wish you could live forever and also get the reward you would deserve.

Please let me know, when "Words don't do it" is published! I hope that I will be able to share it with a friend in the future.

Thank you!

Sincerely, and, indebted to you forever,....

- Anonymous, June 2005

"People who weren't pretending that everything was wonderful"

The following was addressed to Dr. France Janov

I am sorry that I didn't get to meet you during my three week intensive in April. I'm planning on returning in the fall, and maybe it will happen then.

In any case, I wanted to write and say how much I appreciated the time, energy, and patience that David put into my therapy. Valerie and Marie were wonderful as well.

I have been a long time believer in Primal Therapy. However, what surprised me most about my trip was how deeply moved I was in Group. I didn't anticipate what a relief it would be to associate with people who weren't pretending that everything was wonderful. The degree of vulnerability that people were willing to expose in Group was astounding. I will always remember it.

I was only able to participate in the May retreat on Friday evening, but I could tell that it was a special event and something that I want to do in the future. I think that sort of thing is a great idea.

Finally, I really appreciate the effort that you and your husband have put into helping others. I know that it is a labor of love - "easy" is not a word I would associate with any aspect of an operation that tries to help those who most need help. I also appreciate your husband's efforts to explain the therapy in scientific and quantifiable terms. Such explanations are sorely wanting in other types of therapy.

I would certainly recommend your center to anyone who seriously wants to try to recover her or his real self.

Thanks again,

Cristal Weber
Seattle, WA (USA) June 2005

Poems: The Need; Screaming Relief

The Need

So many people are trying to feed
A deep and demanding unconscious need
The constant emptiness and provocation they feel
Completely controls the lives they lead.

Millions of pounds are spent on flowers
Egos are flattered, but none of that matters.

Couples and families and friends and enemies
Are in constant search of a love they can cherish,
But no quantity of love can ever satisfy
That part of their being, which they themselves deny.

The lack of satisfaction creates a cycle of frustration
Alcohol and drugs merely numb the sensation,
But the need won't diminish by superficial means
For it's embedded in a world that knows only what it feels.

A world of darkness where no light can shine through,
A world which you reject, won't admit that it's you,
A world where you dispense negativity at your ease,
A world which manifests as illness and disease.

But this unconscious world is your unconscious self,
Suppressed by a barrier which is also your self.
A barrier which protects you from feeling your pain
But using logic on the pain comes to no avail.

It's not outside forces that are responsible for your health,
Your nightmares, your deficiencies, your strengths or your wealth.

It's all of your feelings that you've buried all these years
And are ultimately the keys to release you from your fears.

It's this underground world littered with aspects of yourself,
Once you find them and embrace them, you're heart will truly melt.

Screaming Relief

There is a moment in time
That no words can describe
The moment of piercing the threshold
Of all that's been denied
That pure ice pleasure of balancing on the edge
Of unbearable pain and screaming relief
I fall at thundering speed down the familiar tunnel
To the other side of life, to the blackness and the screams of hell itself
I'm calling out for the light but there's no chance in hell
My Eagle swoops down without the slightest falter and takes me back home to the centre of my heart bringing with me all the pain and the heartache and frustration.
The light in my heart touches the deepest fragile places of these parts of myself that both cry and sigh, they sigh and scream, they laugh and cry, they fall dead and fly high.
It's a moment in time when all life comes together, the god and the goddess, the light and the dark, the devil's found release and laughter and joy in that moment when a human sees beyond all the strife.

-Genevieve Simperingham, March 2005

"Proper training"

Dear France,

Thank you for your email. You mentioned the three years of training and if I'm able to stay this long. You know that it's not easy for Europeans to stay longer than 3 months and I was thinking to come to L.A. once a year for one trimester. As you don't have enough trainees to keep the training running at the moment I guess it's not possible to 'just take part' in the training for only one trimester.

To tell you what I feel about the training I took part in two years ago: it was amazing to see how you handle the patients. I tried to find out how therapists are trained in Germany and it's just terrible that they finish their studies and do therapy just based on their books and theories. Nobody ever show them how to actually DO therapy. I guess the primal center is the only place in the world where proper training is given, especially tape review with you was incredible. You knew exactly what to say or do to show the patients the right track.

- March 2005

"It is part of human nature"

During the first two years of training, when you taught me thinking, I felt strongly that you are the Philosopher of the 21st century. Of course, you can't be recognized by the world, although you deserve it: the world will be lied to, religions and politicians are the proof of it. I'm sad that you didn't get the recognition you truly deserved. Because of you I have and still will save many people's life. I will always make sure that they know that you have been my teacher. You will be in my heart until the end of my days and thereafter in the heart of the people I helped and so on. What you discovered can't get lost because it is part of human nature.

Thank you Arthur for everything.
With all my heart and deepest feelings of love,

- November 2004

I "share how I felt when I was little or feel now in my life"

. . . . Things worked out well in many ways. My relationship with my mother is so much improved - it is the first time in my life that I actually feel that I do have a Mom! Thanks to Primal! I just do not accuse her anymore but simply share how I felt when I was little or feel now in my life. So she does not need to defend herself and she simply shows compassion. All I ever wanted and I now get from her [is] the positive dialectic to feel how much I needed her back then. The accusing I did and can do in my sessions where I yell at her to finally find the hurt need which is the essence of ME! That is so nice to have a Mom!

- C.G., November 2004

"Much thanks"

. . . . I keep reading your books and I just want to thank you and cheer for your writing and the light you've shed on psychology and birth and feelings and all. So thanks. It is great stuff and much appreciated. . . . Thanks again. I look forward to your next book. With much thanks and appreciation, L.B.

- L.B., June 2004

"It's begun to show me who I really am"

Dear Art,

I am a new patient at the center and have just finished three weeks intensive. I wanted to send you a short note to say: thank you. Your therapy is so amazing, I still can't quite believe it. It's begun to show me who I really am, and what it means to feel. This is such a great gift to us all. I feel certain Art you've made the world a better place.

Thank you again - and again.

- R.A., May 2004

"I don't deserve to be mistreated"

In my last session I was able, after resolving something in the present, to really cry for my dad to be nice to me, my mom, and my brothers and sisters and to not hurt us.

Since then there are big differences in my life, I am not constantly feeling helpless anymore about what's going to happen next and my future, I am actually not worried at all.

I used to daydream all day long about being hit and yelled at and be very scared of everyone whereas now I can be present and react to others accordingly to how they act with me.

I also think for the first time that I am capable to do things I thought only others, who were smarter than me, could do. Also now I can see others for who they really are.
Most importantly I don't deserve to be mistreated and I will not get into abusive relationships anymore.

-V.P., March 2004

"Courage to go against what psychology teaches"

I want to thank you from my very heart for all the support and encouragement you have given to me. I couldn't have done it without your constant work running the Center. And for the courage to go against what psychology teaches therapists to do.

-C.G., February 2004

"Waking up with the royalty of the plain"

Please note: This poem was originally written in French. English translation appears below.

This poem is in honor of Art who enabled me, through his therapy, to find my feelings.
Quite often, after intercourse, I feel affection for my father, which explains the lines 2, 3 and 4.


This is a translation of a poem originally written in French.

Do you know that some nights are more sumptuous than some days
When the innumerable love joins into one
The love for the father and the love for the lover
I drink its sweetness, its purity, the forgiveness
It washes away my ancient pains that used to be garnered
Lost in this ecstasy, in the beautiful affection
Of the world's first days, in the warmth of tears,
As desire takes me higher, a strange voice
Coming from my veins lets out a fundamental cry
First with the rumble of a remote storm
When the storm calms down, it is as if
I were a lioness, waking up with the royalty of the plain.

-Nhc, Paris

"Seeing and feeling beauty"

There is Beauty

There have been so many times in my life when beauty was in front of me and I just couldn't see it. My husband would tell me to put my book down and look out the window of a plane or a train or a car to see the beautiful scenery. I would lower the book to my lap, look out the window, say uh-huh, pick up the book and begin reading again.

Once in a while I could see beauty but it had to be almost picture perfect. Once I saw beauty while standing on the porch of a chalet in Switzerland, looking at the green mountains and then I heard a train whistle. I suddenly felt my senses fill with the beauty of the moment. Another time I was in New England to see the fall foliage, something I'd never seen before. We were in a car and when we came around a corner, there were trees of every fall color and I was struck by the beauty. Then there was the time I was in Paris, on a dinner boat in the canal. As it got dark, the Eiffel Tower lit up. I began crying at the beauty of being in Paris with my husband and his family, having a lovely dinner and then suddenly the Eiffel Tower just lit up. These were moments I remember seeing and feeling beauty.

I've been in Primal Therapy for 10 months now and now when I look out a plane at night, I see and feel the beauty of the city lights and I keep looking at them. A few days ago, I was driving along the freeway and there was a red rock colored wall with greenery and flowers along one section of the freeway and I was drawn to look at its beauty.

These last two experiences were "simply" beautiful, yet I felt them. I feel like I'm coming alive and I can't wait to see what's next.

In the second week of my intensive Primal Therapy I woke up in the middle of the night, at 3 a.m., with a poem literally flying out of my head. I would write a line of the poem and then start to put my head down on the pillow but I'd have to sit up and write the next line that was flying out of my head. And so it went. What was really strange was that the poem was about my father and how he'd affected my life and as I wrote, I never felt pain, I never cried. I just remember marveling at how fast the words were coming from my mind, how they rhymed and the sense the poem was making to me. I had spoken about my father in my therapy but without emotion.

It is now ten months into my therapy and last week I screamed Daddy from a very deep place of need and pain inside of me. I know I am coming alive and I am encouraged to face whatever pain is necessary to feel and live. Even the pain feels good because I feel it. Feeling feels so good.

Here is my poem:

I can't much remember your being my Dad.
Your smile or even the eyes that you had.
I do remember you weren't ever there.
And what that meant to me was that you didn't care.

Did I want you to love me? I'm sure that I did.
But from that painful thought, I constantly hid
I need to find that place in me
Where I ask for your love eternally.

I search and search throughout my mind.
But emptiness is what I find.
Did you ever love me? I couldn't tell.
So I lived in my own little private hell.

A block between my husband and me.
Caused me to seek you lovingly
I know the words, but I can't find the pain
And without the feeling, myself I can't gain.

So I'm trying to go to that place inside me.
Where that feeling lies dormant - never free.
I remember you vaguely when I stare into space
But I just don't see love in that beautiful face.

I see a man driven to be all he can be
So driven there was never any time for me
All I needed was moments from you
That made me feel special and beautiful too

I numbed my feelings I just can't reach now.
I cannot find them - I just don't know how
I looked for love in those eyes for me
But only criticism is what I see

Why weren't you ever home? was a question I had.
Was I so terrible, was I so bad?
The money was nice, I shouldn't complain.
But now looking back, it was all so in vain.

If I could choose memories of me and you
They'd be of the time spent - the fun we had too
But all of my memories are few indeed
Not nearly enough for that little girls need

Cause time meant money - that's what you'd say
By the way that you lived day after day
But to that little girl, time meant much more than that.
It could have meant love - being where I was at

But the time has passed and so has my dad
And the chance to feel loved that I never had.
Daddy, please love me, is what I must say
In order to go on day after day.

But I can't just say it, just the words won't impart
What feeling I need so deep in my heart
The words are so simple - just say them now!
But the words with the feeling? I just don't know how.

I feel so empty of feeling to say
What a little girl needs from her father each day
I need to dig deep and not just for me
I need to go there for my whole family

God, how I needed your love I could feel
I think if I'd had it, I'd always be real
I needed direction and a guided way
The road was so treacherous day after day.

So Jehovah's the father I finally found
Who had what I needed when I looked around
But I still needed you - that's a blessing from him
So I understand more why my light is so dim

It's gone forever - the chance that I had
For a kind and endearing and loving Dad.
So I seek out the answers so much of my days
Cause if I don't get them, I'll be this always

Will this be the day I set myself free
By asking for love, for you to love me?
"Trust the Process" - They've asked me to
And they haven't lied - what they've said has been true
So trust the process - it's what I do best!
So this huge life issue can be put to rest
I wanted a father who would love me so
But this was a Daddy I did not know

What a child needs is to feel she's grand
When she reaches up for his big strong hand
There's something wrong with me, I thought
So for his love I never fought

I just gave up to my feelings of hate
For myself as a person I did not rate
I hug all my friends and they know that I care
But feeling "that feeling" is just not quite there

In life, "not good enough" was my decree
But I kept on trying in spite of me
I never quite felt like I could arrive
But my motions, my actions, were always in drive

Though I kept on trying, it was never enough
And the more I went at it, the more life seemed tough
I sought perfection to prove my worth
I began my search right after my birth

I expected my family to be perfect too
A reflection of me - but I never knew
So I asked for perfection - they were never quite right
What they never knew was the fight was my fight

I never told them that they could just be
That I would just love them not perfect for me
I thought I was asking what just ought to be
To strive to be perfect - a reflection of me.

A reflection you were of the feelings I had
From a "never enough" father - a "not good enough" Dad
If he'd just once loved me like some fathers know how
Then our lives would be different - I know that somehow

So I've labored and labored for what I can't be
A good enough daughter, a good enough me
My father is in me - I know he's in there
I just have to seek him - Cause I really do care
So let it all up - it never was dead
So I can be real - not live in my head
Cause in every minute of my life each day
I speak from his head - he says what to say

But "in the moment" is where I want to be
Not packing this baggage so I can't be free
When you feel unloved, then unloved you will see
Wherever you look, unloved will just be.

-Lisa M. Powers, March 1, 2003

"Somebody cares"

This story is not from a Primal Center patient. However, he writes to us on a regular basis. We thought his last message to us was interesting:

One day, as he was driving in his car, he felt a very bad pain in his chest. He stopped his car and hunched over. Three men who were on the parking lot came by and asked him if he was OK. He said he wasn't and mentioned the pain in his chest. They called an ambulance. One of them put his arm around him and he started crying: somebody cares. He was back on his feet the next day.

He figured out the reason for the pain in his chest was that he was "homeless".

-January 2004

"It began to set me free"

One day, I relived in its entirety my tonsillectomy when I was four and a half years old. It was quite an experience. It took me almost three weeks to get into feeling it.

I lay on the floor at least two hours a day feeling my body go numb. This was from the ether they gave me for the operation (I guess I had to feel that total numbness and what lay beneath it to get to the experience). I could feel the body of a little boy inside me which became more prominent each day until it took over. Once that happened, my mind went for the ride while my body began to move around. I could feel hands holding my wrists and then they were twirling my arms around (the hands belonged to the nurse who was trying to get me to wake up from the ether).

Finally, after feeling a burp come up my throat, I began to cry just like a little boy. When that happened, my mind and my body came together all at once. I was that little boy as I rolled around on the floor. That is when what I call "the greased with silk" feeling began to come over me. I screamed at my parents how much I hated them doing this to me, leaving me in a hospital alone all night. Also, my Dad for calling me a "baby" when I was crying because I was so scared. He actually left the room, walking out angry because I wouldn't stop crying. I tried hard to stop crying for him and finally did by splitting off from the experience.

After I relived it, I was filled with insights for the next hour or so. From that moment on, my life was changed forever. It began to set me free. The tension was gone.

Primal Therapy, and only Primal Therapy, could accomplish that.

-V.M., September 2003

"I feel quite OK"

My sister told me that she and my mother are surprised how I react to my personal problems: how the therapy changed me. I would have been completely destroyed as I was in the past when I broke up with a girlfriend.

Today, I feel quite OK, even if I'm a bit sad that the relationship did not work: I thought she was the woman of my life.

-V.M., France, September 2003


I wanna say to you that those days of Primal therapy were really precious to me. I am very thankful for your help.

-A.F., Argentina, August 2003

"I was always waiting for someone"

As a child I had tremendous pain because I couldn't talk except when asked something and I couldn't reach out to others, but I knew there was a reason why I couldn't and everyone else could and I was always waiting for someone to pull me out of that state.

At 11 I told everyone I was a foster child and that my real parents would come and get me, I would constantly daydream that they were holding me. I always knew for some reason that there were answers.

In my twenties, I saw a psychologist for three sessions, at the end of the third I asked him what he thought, he told me he was only there to listen to me. He didn't have the answer.

Then I read "The Primal Scream", I had found the answer.

Primal therapy is a tool for me to resolve my pain and get the answers I had always been looking for that are only inside of me.

It has been months since I am able to talk and communicate with others and I am just beginning now to feel genuine empathy towards others.

This has always been an unreachable dream that has come true

Thank you so much Art for discovering primal therapy, I don't know what I would do without it and there will never be words enough to thank my therapists.

-P.J., August 2003


You cannot imagine how important Primal Therapy is for me and I cannot express my gratitude towards you.

-B.L., August 2003


It is always difficult to find adequate words and analogies to express improvement when it occurs. But I must say that all progress I have made through Primal Therapy has been permanent.

-P.R., August 2003

"Connecting the hurt to the need"

Of all what is so exceptional for Primal Therapy compared to other therapies one thing seems to me utterly important to stress: The feeling of the primal NEED in the primal situation. I do not know of any other therapy that does emphasize the importance of feeling the NEED connected to the primal situation.

In talking therapies I was encouraged to talk about how for instance I did not receive attention. I could cry about it and occasionally even cried in a memory. But nobody ever suggested for me to feel and ask for what I need. The longer time went on I remembered more situations of neglect, but I kept suffering in the memory and even later, coming out of the memory, I continued feeling sorry for myself and suffered. It lead to me being eventually overloaded with hurting memories and shutting it all down again. I never could go even near to a memory of being sexually abused. It all remained hidden.

Feeling need has now become such an important point for me because I begin feeling about my father sexually abusing me. Strange enough, I find that most of my time in the feeling I spend pleading him to be there for me and to love me and to support me (instead for abusing me - my needs). Having done that since weeks, crying my heart out pleading him, I have the insight that feeling the hurt of a primal situation is the start but it HAS to lead into connecting the hurt to the need. It's in expressing this need where the healing lies. Without that a feeling is not finished, and going on feeling hurt even in primal scenes without expressing the need in that scene would eventually lead to an overload (and a shut-down) such as it did to me in my talking therapy... meaningless suffering through a scene all over again. I find now that a prerequisite for new aspects of the sexual abuse surfacing is ALWAYS that I feel what I really needed from my father. This makes me understand that and why it was impossible for me in talking therapy to approach memories of the abuse. Only in feeling the need is the final seed for growth and healing - and for going deeper into the primal scene and resolving it. And only Primal gives that - no talking therapies.

And even though I go through horrible times theses days (before I am able to drop into the feeling) I feel often very very lucky that what has misshaped my sex life is now surfacing, giving me with time my own sex life back. I still want to write an article about it. Currently though I am so much IN the feeling of it that I do not have enough distance to write about it yet.

- C.G., July 2003

"Deep and durable"

Please note: This comment was originally written in French. English translation appears below.

La th�rapie primale m'a beaucoup apport� et il me fait plaisir d'en vanter l'efficacit� ? mes amis lorsque nous parlons de croissance personnelle.

R�cemment, une de mes amies s'est montr�e tr?s int�ress�e par cette approche. Nous avons fait des recherches sur Internet et y avons d�couvert votre site web.

Je suis heureux de voir que votre "Primal Center" est toujours bien vivant, tout comme vous, d'ailleurs. Vous avez toujours le feu sacr�, toujours ? l'oeuvre, en train d'�crire sur le sujet. Bravo! Ce que vous faites, m?me si peu de gens peuvent le reconna�tre maintenant, sera tr?s utile pour le bien de l'Humanit�.

Je vous suis personnellement tr?s reconnaissant pour les bienfaits profonds et durables que cette th�rapie m'a apport�s. Consid�rant l'ampleur de votre oeuvre, vous aurez probablement, comme bien d'autres avant vous, une reconnaissance posthume.

Merci, monsieur Janov! Je vous consid?re sinc?rement comme un grand de ce monde.

-G.M., France, July 2003

English translation:

Primal Therapy brought a lot of things to me and I enjoy bragging about its effectiveness to my friends whenever we are discussing personal growth.

Recently, a friend of mine has been showing great interest in this approach. We did some research on the Internet and discovered your website.

I am glad to see that your Primal Center is still alive and well, just like you are. You still have the "sacred fire", still working, still writing on the subject. Bravo! What you are doing - even though only a few people realize it now - will be very useful to the well being of Humanity.

I am myself extremely grateful for the deep and durable benefits brought to me by this therapy.

Considering the extent of your work, you will probably receive, like so many others before you, a posthumous recognition.

Thank you Mr. Janov! I sincerely consider you one of the greats of this world.

- G.M., France, July 2003

Improved vision

My eye sight has improved 20% in both eyes. The doctor told me that this is a pretty big improvement.

I've noticed after feeling that I was able to sit in front of the television without my eye glasses. Sometimes after feeling I would take my glasses off for a few minutes while driving just to see if there was an improvement . . . same thing, I noticed a huge difference.

- R.P., USA, June 2003

We are publishing this letter from R.P. because several patients have reported the same improvement.
Some patients who wear contact lenses but did not wear them during Primals have noticed that they do not need them or glasses for up to 3 days after their Primals.
I have personally experienced that same phenomenon quite often. You can hypothesize that perhaps the blood pressure in the eye is reduced as a result of feeling.

- Dr. France D. Janov

"I would not have made it to this day"

I'm a former primal patient. It really changed my life. I can't express how much I developed from going through the primal process. I want to thank Dr. Janov for saving my life, because without that therapy I would not have made it to this day.

It was quite an experience for me. Having repressed all my feelings for so many years as a child, I immediately had great results. I just wanted to let you know that the therapy was a success.

Thank you all.

- J.D., USA, June 2003

"He connected to his birth"

Dear Art and France,

I had an experience with my father, who is almost 92, when I was called to Germany because he was so bad that my sister thought he would not live much longer, that I think will interest you. To me it proves the primal theory that the body remembers everything.

My father has been a man who has always lived by his intellect alone and despised feeling as weak and found the notion, that our body remembers child hood and birth pain totally ridicules.

I need to tell you the events that happened before this experience first.

My father is 92 has Dementia/Alzheimer?�?s, arteriosclerosis, cancer , a bad hip, bad heart and was recently also diagnosed with cancer in many parts of his body.

Sometime in October he broke his hip on top of it and had to go into the hospital.

There he seemed OK for a while and than he had a stroke on the right side of his body and started to deteriorate, refusing to eat and drink, and according to my sister almost died twice if they had not put him on fluids. So she decided to take him home , so he could die there.

At home he improved emotionally and let himself be fed, but he was moaning and wining for long stretches at a time, asked if he had pain and where, he would just say everywhere, My sister thought it was the cancer and had him put on painkillers.

The moaning got only worse and more frequent and he became more and more unresponsive. The night before I arrived he supposedly was very cold and had a yellow tint to his skin.

All through the weeks and actually month before this I had heard my sister say things, that he had shooting pain in the right side of his brain, (which reminded me of my own birth pain making itself known before I could actually connect it,) his neck also was constantly hurting him but the doctors could not find anything, and I was already thinking than, death being so close for him is bringing up his birth pain.

After the stroke and when he was home again, he said things like "I don?�?t know what to do" "where to go" and was very distraught. He liked people to massage the very back of head, where the stem brain is, which is where I get tension and headaches when my birth pain comes up.

When I arrived in Germany I found him really bad, moaning and wining, and no words coming out of his mouth that could be under stood, even though he was trying to speak. My sister was ready to ask for stronger pain killers.

The night after my arrival I put a chair next to his bed and held his hand, and with the other hand instinctively put my hand on the crown of his head, it just felt right, and I just gently let it sit there.

After a while he pushed against my hand and moved his head around in it for a while, than he sight and breathed deeply, relaxed and fell relaxed and calmly asleep. I tried to pull my hand away slowly thinking he was sleeping, but he woke up again almost panicky, so I did the same thing over again just longer, put my hand on top of his head, and the same happened again, and he slept deeply and quietly since than, not restless as before

What is amazing in this is, that he has not moaned since than, has not needed painkillers, his speech improved a lot, he comprehends much more again, asks questions, participates in his surroundings, and most of all his almost totally lame hand arm and leg have recovered almost 75%.

My sister made a joke, that I should become a midwife, but I truly believe now, after a time where I did not even put all of this together, that he made a recovery because he connected to his birth, that is what he needed to do. Since he was and still is so close to death, and both are a passage into an other dimension, it seems only logical, that one would bring up the other.

Hope you are both doing well.

- K.R., USA, June 2003

"I am now able to express my anger"

These are some major changes I experienced, thanks to the therapy:
I always felt no one could like me or be interested in me. I am now able to feel a bit that people do like me. I also feel I am strong enough to handle it if people don't like me.
I always felt I must do something to feel important. Now, I can feel important even when I am not doing anything.
As a child, I was told by my parents I couldn't be angry with them. I am now able to express my anger.
Talking about feelings feels more normal and natural to me now.

-J.M., Norway, May 2003

"The worst feeling of all for me"

To Art and France and the Staff

It's Sunday afternoon and I just got out of a feeling. The worst feeling of all for me - that of nothingness. The first-line part of the feeling is that of utter deprivation - a pure physical sensation in every single cell in my body - of something I have no words for but that is essentially missing. It is pure physical need that is deprived and leaves me with the global feeling of 'everything is wrong and ALWAYS will be', 'I am dying if nobody does anything RIGHT NOW' and 'I need to get out there RIGHT NOW'. Coming out of that feeling I suddenly see two things:

First how I all my life have felt how I do not exist and how I behaved accordingly - never showing if or what I needed. I suddenly understand how that 'feeling' 'I do not exist' was the defense against the real devastating
feeling that I needed to learn to let happen to me in over two years in Primal Therapy. The real feeling is that of total nothingness (originating before or during birth - no oxygen and lack of nutrition) - that I actually was there though how nobody and nothing was there for me throughout my birth and childhood. Since months of feeling that I now have stopped feeling that I do not exist. I do exist because I feel. And now I can see and feel in my present day life when I am with someone who cannot give me anything. I do not need to deny that any longer and live in a dream word the way I always did when I was a child. Now I can see it and react to it - by making a conscious decision about leaving that relationship.

The other thing I strongly feel since months is that I am cured. Not from my pain. Far from. But from one of the most devastating diseases there are: from not feeling. I now dare to make moves in my life and to initiate changes that promote my own well-being. I do not any longer wait for something to happen. And I have developed a strong feeling of safety that comes from my ability to feel. Whatever happens to me I am able to feel its impacts on me and retrieve bits of myself. I am far from happy all the time. But I am happy to be real enough to live.

Thanks to you all!

-C.G., May 2003

"What power"

It is really exciting what power felt feelings have - and what power they have when remaining unfelt...

...I never could let an orgasm happen to me because I fought the physical feeling of nothingness - and how that now changes 'cause I can feel the nothingness in every cell in my body and do not need to fight it (and an orgasm) anymore. What a change!!! ...Another primal started with 'I do not have anything' (my friends just bought themselves a house and I envy them and I feel so poor), went down to first line nothingness and the poor/physically depleted feeling in every cell in me, then after deep breaths turned into a feeling of being rich in my entire body (a pure physical feeling), and then after some minutes I was flooded by a feeling and a later insight: I suddenly felt rich because I have achieved the ability to feel, that's were I chose to put my money, and it gave me the home I never would have found anywhere with all the money in the world. I still would like to have a house but I stopped envying my friends and saw how I now am able to keep a job and build a house from scratch!

- C.G., May 2003

"The tools we needed to heal"

Your discovery, your work, your center with France and your superb group of primal Therapists, gave my husband Ted and me the tools we needed to heal. And heal we did!

After you left New York City, Ted and I were "self-primalers". We did the therapy correctly and progressed well. Years later, we reached a point where we really needed a professional to get us into very deeply buried feelings. We set out to find where you went - and found you.

Brenda Craven became my Primal Therapist; Ruth Nyman became Ted's. Their magnificent work with us individually set us on our personal journeys. Their work with us as a couple (we took a week and all four of us worked together) set us on our joint path. We went through the fire as individuals and together, working out struggles one at a time. Our relationship today is loving and "easy". We spoke with Brenda, Ruth and David about writing an article about it. It will take some time and we will complete it and send it to you. We are indeed one of your "success stories".

We wish you all the very best to you, France, your family, your Primal Therapists and everyone associated with your work. May your discovery and vision allow Primal Therapy to become the therapy of humanity.

-L.C., April 2003

"Face it as a feeling"

Fear has ruled every aspect of my life, paralyzing every action I made. It isolated me not only from other people but also played havoc on my creativity. I was too afraid to dance, act, write a short story, design a quilt or display my photography. Projects were never started or finished, abandoned once a mistake was found. It had to be perfect! I desperately wanted to share my creative side. Something deep inside of me kept nagging to be seen. My creativity was hidden, too painful to uncover, I had to control it. Primal Therapy has been a way for me to experience my fear and face it as a feeling. My fear no longer had the same paralyzing charge it once had on my creativity. I took small steps to share my artistic side, as imperfect as it was. I faced the fear, took action, and found life!

- P.B., April 2003

Here are more poems composed by a patient. They are first presented in the patient's native French, then in English.

A la petite fille que j'�tais


Tout l'espoir et l'innocence, comme un doux rayon

Eclairaient ton visage d'un sourire ? peine esquiss�

Fi?re et secrete comme un rayon de lune,

Tu buvais la vie ? plein calice,

Le Coeur gonfl� de vagues promesses,

Tu foulais solitaire des sentiers connus de toi seule,

O les ivresses dans les parterres fleuris,

Dieu avait cr�� les fleurs pour te c�l�brer,

Les oiseaux pour enchanter tes jours

Et un p?re pour te donner l'amour.

Devinais-tu alors que le bonheur est fragile

Quand le sortilege s'est-il bris�?

Quand la magie s'est-elle dissip�e?

Ah! Pourquoi Dieu se repait-il de la douleur?

La tourterelle qui meurt, l'enfant qui pleure,

Sont-ils necessaries ? l'harmonie du monde?



Dans la nuit inachev�e, du fond de l'univers,

Rose et noir, un soleil nouveau va aborder le monde,

L'homme voudrait capturer sa flamboyante apoth�ose,

Que d'immortels amours, de jardins parfum�s

Hantent l'esprit du reveur en cette attente magique,

Chaque aube ranime l'espoir d'un monde vierge et beau

Il croit s'emparer de l'�ternit� l'espace d'un instant

Mais l'or brutal de son apparition dissipe les fantasmes,

O glorieux soleil, la fleur t'attend pour s'�panouir

L'oiseau pour rechauffer son aile, le mort pour s�cher ses pleurs

Tu n'as plus le temps d'etirer paresseusement

Tes rayons sur l'horizon.

The following English translations were created by Sandrine Marten.

To the Little Girl I Used to Be


Like a sweet ray of light, all the hope and innocence
Was lightening your face with a small smile.
Proud and secretive as a ray of moon
You were avidly drinking from the cup of life.
The heart is full of vague promises.
Alone, you were walking on roads you were the only one to know.
O, the intoxication of the blooming flower beds!
God created flowers in your honor,
Birds to enchant your days,
And a father to give you love.
Did you know then that happiness is fragile?
When did the charm break?
When did the magic fade?
Ah, why does God thrive on our pain?
The dove that dies, the child who cries,
Are they necessary to the world's harmony?



In the endless night, at the end of the universe,
Pink and black, a new sun will come into this world;
Man wants to capture its shiny apotheoses.
So many immortal loves, and fragrant gardens
Are haunting the dreamer's mind during this magical expectation.
Each sunrise brings back the hope for a new world, virgin and beautiful.
For a second, it seems to take away eternity,
But with the rising of the brutal gold, fantasies vanished.
O glorious sun, the flower is waiting for you to bloom,
The bird needs your warmth, the dead depends on you to dry his tears.
There is not time for you to lazily stretch your rays on the horizon.

-Christiane N.H, France

"Sea change"

Above all, I will always be grateful to you for what the therapy has brought to Jorge and I. It has created a real sea change in our lives.

-Rita, Canary Islands

"It was like a pressure cooker"

Here is what Stan wrote to me recently about his seizures. I make no claims about a cure for most seizures but what he has to say is instructive - Dr. Arthur Janov, January 2003:
I had Grand Mal seizures, about one a year before therapy.

I would have smaller seizures all of the time and also while sleeping. I would bite through my tongue. When I would wake up from the seizure my muscles would be sore to the point that I couldn't stand up and my stomach would burn. My whole body would ache and I was completely exhausted and hurt. The recovery period was typically about a week. I couldn't talk because of a swollen tongue due to the biting. I would have this feeling in my head that I can't even describe. It was like my head was underwater and I couldn't think clearly, so I usually slept for the first few days after the seizure. I would feel suicidal for about a week afterwards. Although my inclination was to kill myself because I was in so much pain, the thing that kept me going and the reason I didn't kill myself was that I would repeat over and over to myself, "I didn't feel this bad yesterday and if I wait long enough this will go away."

Details are hard to remember because everything was a blur, and it was difficult to think clearly. Immediately after a seizure it would take me about twenty minutes to remember what day of the week it was, but I would remember my name and I would know where I was. Typically, I would lose 2 to 3 days of work. After a seizure my eyes couldn't take in light. It was like I was in a really dark room and the only light I could see was any light that was directly in front of me, as if being in a dark tunnel with a train coming at you. I had other occurrences, like standing in line at the supermarket, where I would not know where I was and the doctor told me that it was probably a type of a seizure but on a small scale.

I have no idea how many feelings I have had. I didn't cry for about the first year and a half of primal therapy. I could tell that feelings were coming up because I was feeling bad whereas before therapy I was feeling nothing. The single most important event in my therapy was going on Klonipin. My very early pain, some from birth, was pushing up, while my mind was pushing down. My feeling level seems to have been getting smashed. Klonipin allowed me enough access to start feeling; otherwise I was overloaded.
In a session, I would start to cry briefly and then I would start coughing and shaking and I couldn't go back to the feeling. The Klonipin relaxed my body enough so that I could cry for a longer period of time and I could descend from things that bothered me in the present to the same things that bothered me in the past. I cried for 1 to 2 hours, twice a week, for 3 years. The biggest feeling was that everything is hopeless. The hopelessness was that mother was never going to love me, my father would never love me, and that I was in a world of shit; that nothing would ever get better. I had this feeling that my life was a prison sentence that I had to endure. I thought about suicide constantly because it seemed that it was the only way out of the prison. For example, I was in a scene in therapy in the house I grew up in, at the bottom of the stairs, looking up to my mother who was standing at the top of the stairs, and I was crying because I wanted her to come down and talk with me. She never talked with me. I would cry about wanting my mother to pick me up and to hold me and to talk with me.

During this period there was very little birth feelings. I had one previously had feelings where I felt stuck and my mother was that my mother wasn't helping me to be born. Although I don't know for sure, I suspect that a seizure is an explosion designed to get me unstuck and born.

Eventually I got to feelings of, please love me, please talk to me, and stop ignoring me. These are the feelings that changed my epilepsy. The key to it all is that I have all this stuff I have had to keep inside. I was never allowed to show any emotion and I had to act like everything was fine. So, after twenty years of having to hold everything in, it was like a pressure cooker and my body couldn't hold it in anymore and I started to have seizures. Every feeling I have in Primal therapy reduces that pressure a little bit more.
As a result of years of feeling, that pressure has been reduced enough that I no longer have seizures. Today, I am off all medication, and I feel good more often than I feel bad. I used to feel bad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but now I might feel bad only a few days out of the month.

-Stan, USA

"My life had been restricted by pain"

During my therapy, I realized how much my life had been restricted by pain. When I felt hopeless, blocked or anxious I felt the feeling and connected it with my childhood pain. As a result of my insights I have changed the way I deal with both business transactions and my personal life. This has made a tremendous difference to my self-esteem and . . . happiness

-M.C.C., England

"True change"

What I like about Primal Therapy is that it enables change at the visceral level, which is the only way true change can take place.

- S., USA

"For the better"

[The following was addressed to a therapist:]
Things have really changed for me and I have been able to change things for the better in my life. The fact that I have told my parents that I do this and have been able to talk to them about feeling is just amazing, unheard of and unbelievable.

I am very grateful to you. Thank you.
-M.N., England, November 2002

"I marvel at all the love I have in me"

I wish to thank you for the priceless/invaluable well being brought to me by Primal Therapy.

I will always feel a deep affection and admiration towards Dr. Janov.

Forty years ago, I suffered from post-partum anxiety. The way I was treated was an aberration: put in isolation for 15 days, tied by one foot for 2 days, locked up for 10 days, given psychotropic drugs (haloperidol, moziman and sleeping pills). I did not see my 3 young children for 6 weeks.

At the Primal Center, I found the complete opposite to this old-fashioned psychiatry. I am still not completely free from all my anxiety but my feelings are coming up little by little and I marvel at all the love I have in me - for my deceased father, my sister, my grand child - and to be able to make love quite often with fantastic feelings while in my youth I could stay 6 months without feeling any need for it. "You need to be able to access first line to be able to make love in a satisfying way" (The Biology Of Love). This is so true.
Please receive a big hug.

PS: I have forgotten the fact that I am able, for the first time, to have a friend and to get out of 60 years of insensitivity.

- F.L., Denmark, October 2002

"The work she has done with me is exceptional"

I am taking this opportunity to express to Dr. Janov my gratitude for the existence of Primal Therapy and its continuity. I have been extremely lucky to be treated by the therapist you assigned to me. The work she has done with me is exceptional. I wish you fructuous research and long life to Primal Therapy!

- S.G., Brazil, October 2002

"The first method to have had a positive, dramatic effect"

I have just returned to South Africa after another three months at the Primal Centre.

It really was a fantastic three months.

To be precise, I spent 36 years conscientiously co-operating with psychiatrists and psychologists with no results or negative results of a devastating nature. Primal Therapy is the first method to have had a positive, dramatic effect.
- B.J., South Africa, October 2002

"Changed my life"

The therapy has changed my life! I'm living in THIS world now, with all its beauty and joy and pain, not in a tortuous "fog"! My conscious and unconscious mind is pretty well connected. (I only dream in the here & now!). . . . I want Primal Therapy to go on!! I want it to be available to my son, if he should ever need to do it.

- L.G.., Germany, May 2002

"It's primalling and not talking that resolves and frees us from past pain"

At my return to therapy to the Center I slowly fell back into a pattern I had been in during my previous stay, especially the three week intense. Again I began accusing my therapist for being unconsidering and mean to me, for torturing me. Anything she did felt wrong to me. The feeling was "somebody is mean to me and maliciously torturing me and nobody is there to protect me". It was finally triggered off in all its load by a woman in pre-group who yelled names at me while it was my turn to drop into a feeling. None of the therapists interfered. It was very painful.

In my next session my therapist tried to help me feeling the pain of being without protection when somebody is mean to me. To me it felt as if it was her actually BEING mean to me (she didn't protect me from the feeling). My pain was too much so that the focus stayed on her. I wrote two letters to the Center, complaining about my therapist's way of working with me. I accused her for having tortured me and I demanded she would apologize. After four weeks my wrongly focussed and thus unresolvable struggle and suffering were finally ended when my therapist was taken away from me.

Immediately the feeling broke through with its right focus. My first memory was how my mother had refused me food for 24 hours when I was four years old. She wanted to punish me for that I never could eat much at a time and that I often refused food because I felt sick in my stomach (due to pain because of my mother being mean to me beyond belief). I had cried for hours and begged her for food: *Mommy, one egg, only one egg". She laughed at me and turned away. In my primal I looked at her and for the first time in my life I screamed out my pain of my mother wanting to starve me (the PAIN).

Then I remembered how my mother had told me the Brother Grimm 'fairy tale' H??�nsel und Gretel" when I was four years old. In the fairy tale a stepmother wants to get rid of her two stepchildren and leads them into the deep forest where she leaves them all alone to die of starvation. I had made my mother tell me that story every evening. And every evening I had told her the end of the story that I had invented myself: the children would find their way out of the forest and go to the police. In my primal I saw myself standing in front of a police man and I cried my heart out, pointing at my mother and begging him to give me shelter and come home with me (the NEED). Then I felt again how I all alone stood behind my mother when she denied me even this one single egg. I cried for her to turn to me, to hold me, to caress my cheeks and tell me with tears in her eyes "C., I'm so sorry" (for having denied me food) and "You gonna be alright, I'll help you" (to make my stomach pain go away) and she would lay her hand on my belly. (the NEED).

After the feeling I had to face several devastating truths on my accurate act-outs. I had not been able to see that it wasn't my therapist who had put the pain into me. She was only the person who brought me in touch and tried to help me with the pain. Which had meant to me that it was her who was so mean to me. I had even tried to turn her I into the Center's "police" (through my 'childhood glasses' it was the staff meeting and Art and France Janov) by writing letters (my need to go for shelter to the police in the 'fairy tale'). And I had demanded the apology that I so desperately had needed from my mother.

This feeling took four weeks of projection and suffering to finally be felt and integrated. It tells about its incredible load. More and more memories are popping up now on how my mother had been torturing me.

The major insight I have from it is how devastating unresolved childhood pain can be for adult relationships - in my case: to my relationship with my own therapist.

Another insight is how Primal Therapy has made a difference in my life compared to a "talking therapy' I have had before. Even back then I had projected my mother's meanness on the therapist just as I did with my Primal therapist. Though back then the therapist had no tools to help me into the feeling. We TALKED about it but the focus stayed wrong at her for several years. It lead to that I finally had to cut her off because the pain became too much- I quit the therapy but was left with the unresolved pain of my mother having been mean to me. In Primal Therapy the unresolved pain came up again. I got help with FEELING the feeling and my brain took it back to the real PAST events with my mother. It's primalling and not talking that resolves and frees us from past pain - it frees us from the devastating effects past pains can have on our present lives.

Though it's such an irony: I found the feeling. But the very person who tried to help me feeling my pain I lost - because of the very pain that someone else 30 years ago had put into me. It's such a loss to me.

[Note from the Primal Center: Once C.G. was able to feel the described feelings in their past context, she was allowed to have sessions again with her primary therapist.]

- C.G., USA, March 2002

"Proper perspective"

It is always a happy, tearful experience reading Art's work because I feel there is someone finally on the planet that really understands the inner reality that I have lived in. Before reading Art's work and having the understanding that is contained within his work, the only conclusion I was ever able to come to was that something was wrong with me and I was just "crazy" because I couldn't understand all the "feelings" that kept intruding into my present experience. It ultimately left me feeling bad about who and what I was. I hated it and had no idea it was a form of distortion in relation to my early experiences and the time frame. Art and your [France Janov's] work has changed that all around as you know. I now understand the source of all the unexplained feelings of the past and it has put the feelings in their proper perspective. THAT ALONE HAS MADE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE WITH MY EXPERIENCE OF MYSELF. I can't help but love you guys for it! My gratitude is eternal :-) :-) !!!

-A.B., USA, November 1999

"In the very physiology of one's body"

Everyone reading this should know that Primal Theory and Primal Therapy has been refined, and just as important, it has matured. . . . The result is profound change not just in thinking and behavior, but in the very physiology of one's body.

- C.R., USA, November 1998

"How drugged must I have been"

I need to share the following with you: Remember a session with you when I drowned in a feeling where I felt heavily drugged and couldn't move and stayed so for several hours? I am ending up there again and again after having felt younger "no-way-out-and-I-cannot-do-anything"-memories. It is a connected feeling - though so far it didn't make sense to me considering what I knew about my birth. Yesterday night I learned from my mother something about my birth I didn't know before: In the first phase she breathed in nitrogen oxide when labour was too painful for her (that part I knew). The news is: my entire birth took only four hours. And just before I was born she was asked if she wanted to have a drug injected. She wanted - and she was so drugged that she has no idea how I actually got out of her. How drugged must I have been then...

Isn't that amazing! And that's what I wanted to share with you before the session next week!

- C.G., Canada

"Worth living"

"If I've never thanked you for saving my life and making it worth living - at times joyful and beautiful. So I'm thanking you now!"

-L.G., Germany

"Feel it"

I was very upset with a mistake my boy friend made, inordinately mad. I was furious and yet my head could tell me that what he had done was not so horrible.

So, in my session, I let myself get angry at him. It built up into a rage, I let it out. I reached a peek of furor, then it decreased. It was then replaced by a feeling of being completely overwhelmed and then despairing. The despair was deep, tainted of hopelessness: "it's too hard to live like this", "bad things will always happen from others". After crying a long time, the feeling became "I have to make things right, I have to take care of everything because nobody else does, I have to be an adult all the time".

And of course being an adult or behaving like one was the defense I had to put up so that I wouldn't be helpless at other people's hands and overwhelmed. Suddenly an image came to me: I was a little girl (4 years old) and I was welcoming adults when they came to visit, sitting with my legs crossed and talking politics with them. As I see that serious little girl, it makes me cry deeply (until now, I always felt it was cute, and I was sort of proud of it, it had become a "family story"). I am suddenly feeling that I am responsible for my parents. The memory of me calling the cops when I was about 7 rolls into my mind. I was worried that my parents were not back home while the curfew was on. I also felt so responsible for my younger brother, as if his life depended on me protecting him. The image of me sitting on the beach with him nestled inside my arms brings great sadness and tears, like we were alone in the world.

I also remember that when I was a child, I felt I never wanted to be an adult: adults lives seem to be so hard and so unhappy... I wanted to stay a child forever. The irony is, I was never a child and I was behaving like an adult." I suddenly see myself being furious at 4 years old because I cannot reach the entry doorknob: it is too high for me, I am too little. I hate it: I know why now: it means that I couldn't open the doors myself, someone had to help me.

It then appears clearly to me that when I grew up, I was always on top of everything and everybody. I was totally responsible, in control, and very "adult".

It all connects to the present again: it is suddenly clear that during the last few month of my therapy, I have started having a hard time being constantly the one reliable and responsible and having a very "irresponsible" boy friend. I kept wanting to change my life, to "play" and be "care free". Intellectually, I believed that the root of it was that I did not want to take care of anything or anybody anymore and that I wanted my boyfriend/daddy to take over and take care of me.

My boy friend's mistake pops up in my mind again, and surprise, the feeling is: "why can't I be a child, you won't let me be a child, I need it!" And that's the bottom line, that is the need, because it was never being fulfilled, I became the "child-adult" I was, and never really wanted to be.

So as a child I never wanted to grow up to be an adult but I really was. As an adult, I still wanted to be a child (unconsciously) but couldn't. I realized that wanting to change my life in the present was somewhat unreal and somewhat real. Unreal because the child who needed to be a child belongs in my childhood. Real because obviously my act-out of having the whole world depend on me is not necessary and my life can be more care free, which I fully intend to implement. Actually, it comes as a great relief that I can take it "a little more easy" in a lot of areas of my life. My boy friend's behavior is no longer an issue; and if it becomes so, I know where my irritation comes from (if any) and what to do with it: feel it. I don't have to hate him for it or need to change him. It is extraordinary how programmed we are from our past. Each time I discover a new part of myself and uncover the consequences of a repressed feeling, I marvel at the ability of the human system: to go back there and undo the damage!

- H.H., USA

"Something my mother never told me"

Since I was 13 or 14, I've been having the impulse to leave the house whenever my mother would be mad at me. I used to say "when I'll be 18, I'll leave". She would answer "here is your bag, why don't you leave now".

Now I still have the impulse to leave, my boyfriend for example, whenever I hurt inside. I realized after a session that the reason I leave is because I need him to tell me to stay so that I know he loves me and care, something my mother never told me, I wish she did.
-Y.D., Sweden

"Out of here"

I did Primal Therapy briefly but incorrectly. My therapist was MS. She was a good therapist, but I was trying to cut corners (and costs). I didn't do the three weeks, just a few private sessions and groups. Groups were particularly helpful. At the time my defenses were still very tight, and I had trouble accessing feelings. But at group the crying and howling of other patients reminded me exactly of my home life when my Mom was in the mood to beat kids all weekend, and I could get into some second-line feelings from that. I quit after just a few months because I had found some relief, and the "maintenance drinking" had fallen away but I was still using cigarettes, still resistant and unable to access more feelings.

My minimal experience with Primal Therapy did demonstrate that this is the medicine that is capable of fundamentally uprooting a person's neurosis. I read the rest of the primal books, and promises myself I would have to go back and do this stuff right. The feeling that something has been chasing me down the road all my life is something I can no longer live with. The feeling of needing to "get out of here": out of a job, a relationship, a town, has hunted me down to where there's only more "outa here" I can get, and I've never been suicidal.
- I.R., USA.

"She wanted me to be a little white girl"

My mother... She wanted me to be a white people kid instead of me. (one of the little girl my mother took care of was Janet who had a long blond pony tail). Mother told me "Don't you wish you had hair like that instead of Mexican black hair?" She wanted me to be a little white girl. I wasn't. All my life I had to be secretive and that's where some of it comes from.
- P.K., USA

"I understand my whole life"

[The following is a patient's insight right after a birth Primal:]

"... So I survived...Most incredible experience of my life. Now I understand everything. I understand my whole life. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of the bad things I do to myself.

I understand why I constantly ask for help, because no one was there to help me. I was just laying there, screaming to be helped and no one helped me. At one point I felt as if I was going to die - as if I was trapped. I see how in my life I put myself in situations that made me feel trapped in. Engineering studies, my back was against the wall. No way out. I was putting myself through years of something that was immensely difficult.
And now again moving to Paris. I made myself do it. I do something difficult to get triggered, so difficult I can't cope. I'm putting myself thru impossible things and I always survive. But it's a hell of a struggle. Living in Paris triggered me the most. It was my birth. I cannot live here. There's something very physical in Paris. Noise feels like an intrusion, an attack. Narrow streets and high building lock me in".
-R.E., Italy

"Tremendous strength to continue"

...Then I also want to make use of this opportunity to thank all the staff there for the 3 weeks that I spent at the Center. You were right when you said that I had come to the right place - it surely is. My 3 weeks gave me tremendous strength to continue with my life, as well as to make all the plans and arrangements that I am currently making. I so wish that I could also thank Dr. Janov personally for the great way in which he has contributed to humanity in general, and to my own life specifically."
- E.G., New Zealand

"Because I was scare[d]"

[The following is uncorrected text from someone for whom English is not a first language:]

I remember France Janov on a talk radio saying something like "what is important is not only to feel the pain, you have to go to the need behind it".

For many months, I was pretty quiet during the groups. But because I may have to go back in France soon, I did every group in the past few weeks with a lot of exhaltation, expressing my feelings in front of everybody. I did express myself much more in my everyday life too. Since I am more active, I feel everybody hate me.

Today, I did not speak at the pre-group. I just sat, waiting for my therapist to come to see me. When he came, I just said "I was scare to speak because I feel everybody hate me when I do", then I cried. I did remember how my father was kidding on me when I was young, when I had something to say. He hated me because I was the intellectual one of the family (THE PAIN).

Next I did remember my teacher complaining about my speech desorder when I was 10, my French teacher when I was 12 too. At these times, my speech desorder was hard to undergo for me. But they both treated me as if I did in purpose (THE PAIN).

After that, I bagan to think about the furnitures in my bedroom when I was young, before I moved out at 11. I was "flying" in my old village, and then in the nearby city. I suddenly "saw" a taxi, at the station. It surprised me but I could not figure out what was the meaning. I forgot the taxi and after a while, I felt in tears. When I was young, I did a speech therapy, in the nearby city. We used to take the bus, my mother and me. Sometimes we had to take a taxi, to go back home. I cried again and again, missing these times when my mother was alone with me. She was there for me (THE NEED).

The whole thing last between 60 and 90 minutes.

What I did learn from this feeling is that when I was young I was maybe not scare to speak because of the desorder. Maybe I was just scare to speak because of the way peoples (and my father) reacted to me. I had the confirmation a few weeks later. Indeed, while I was going in my feelings, I spoke with my old speech desorder. It happen very often now. I could not pronounce "R" correctly. I figured out that it happen when my lower lip is stretch by fear (or anger, it's not clear yet). All my life I did believe I was scare to speak because of my speech desorder. Today I realize that I had the speech desorder because I was scare.

Before, I used to speak with a chocking language. I think it was only a defense. By that I mean that if people would react badly to what I said, I could believe it's only because of the way I spoke. Now I speak more in a real way and I feel much more vulnerable. But it's me.

After feeling the need I realized that when I was young I neede my mother so much. It may seem stupid but I was not really aware of it before. I always used to say "I can take care of myself", it is act out. I realised that that even though I was always around of her, she was never really there for me.

The biggest problem of my life is that I could never leave my mother. I always had the need to go back to her. Even at 15 and than at 22 years old, I gave up the schools of my choice because of that imprint.

Feeling the need of my mother created a split between the mother of my needs and my real mother. I don't put my needs on my real mother anymore. I can only accept that my "inside" mother doesn't exist anymore (did she ever exist). It give me the will to look forward and make my life as an adult. My need to go back to my inside mother still exist, and my soon departure for France triggered it. During some groups or with my Buddy, I screamed "maman, I don't want to go, don't let me alone Maman", being scared to leave my inside mother whereas I'm going back to where my real mother is. Now I know I have to feel this need when it occur.
- Olivier, France

"Living my life"

"I have to stop living my death and start living my life." -W.A., Greece

I went through the Primal Therapy in 1976-77 with my wife Jenny. I am now 69 and alive. I know I would not be without Primal Therapy. It would be impossible to count all the benefits that come to you through feeling old feelings day in day out for years. I still feel, though much more sporadically.
Jenny died two months ago as a result of breast cancer spreading through her body. The agony of her loss is shaking my world. Yet I am happy at the thought of our life and love in the post-Primal Therapy years together. Thank you for that.
Jenny and I have often discussed writing up our sometimes amazing post-Primal Therapy experiences and send them to Art. (I had to throw out all my shoes when my size changed from 37 to 42.)
A little by little the blockbuster old feelings are ground smaller by the never ending feelings and connections. Your life gets better all the time. We are the privileged ones. Jenny always cherished the moment, Art, when you met us in the corridor on our way home after the group, and said to her "You look good, kid!". Yes, she looked good, and she lived a great life. Thanks, Art!
With much sadness,

-- J. K., Melbourne (Australia) 2008

"I want to repeat again my deep gratitude for the role both of you have played in my life and for the therapy you created. I don't know that I would have any chance at happiness were it not for you. Thank you"

"Having the opportunity to work with the two of you was also a greater blessing than I had ever imagined." "What an adventure life can be with Primal Therapy! I finally feel alive after walking around
for a decade and a half feeling like a living corpse."
J.W., N.C. 2008

"Thank you all for the experience of Primal. It is a life changing event that cannot be duplicated in any other way. Thank you."
S. S, USA 2008
"Primal Therapy is the way to love and a real feeling life."

- H.K.

"Art has been a Hero to me " living for me. I went from very depressed and unfocussed to becoming a medical doctor and most certainly would not have made that transition without "digging deep" in my therapy after Janovs books shed light."

- J. F., USA 2008

Dear Dr. Janov,

Your contribution to psychology is at the very least a part of what caused society to become more open...

- J.S., New York

Dear Art and France,

I am extremely fortunate to have been able to do Primal Therapy and to have help from the foundation. It has made all the difference. This year would have been unbearable without Primal Therapy. I really could go on and on thanking you. It is difficult to express what an enormous difference it has made to me. So thank you. My life is completely different to how it was when I left LA. I feel like it is my life now and I am in it. I can feel so excited about life and enjoy being in the moment and being with other people. Wow!...

- V.L., England 2006

My own experience in Primal Therapy has helped me to live in the present. I know that the suffering from the present connects to deeper Pain on the second and first line and that feeling that pain helps to alleviate my suffering. The connections that are made help me to know how the valance of the Pain drives my acting out behavior. Not only do I know why I behave the way I do but I also gain direction in being able to change the way I live my life.

- K.S. , NY August 2006

Dr Janov I hold you and your work with the upmost regard and completely acknowledge your pioneering courage and outright determination to stand true to what you know and believe. I want to meet, shake the hand (no hug) and say thank you to the man whose work gave me the courage to trust my feelings, the primal process and finally feel that I am okay.

- L.M., Australia, September 2006

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