Primal Therapy is not Primal “Scream” Therapy. Primal Therapy is not just making people scream; it was never “screaming” therapy. The Primal Scream was the name of the 1st book by Dr. Janov about Primal Therapy.


Those who read the book knew that a scream is what some people do when they hurt. Others simply sob or cry. It was the hurt we were after, not mechanical exercises such as pounding walls and yelling, “Mama”. This therapy has changed what was essentially an art form into a science.


This therapy is dangerous in untrained hands. There are hundreds of people practicing what they call “primal therapy” without a single day’s training and others who claim to have been trained by us who were either not here or who were nowhere near completion of either their own therapy or the training at Dr. Janov's Primal Center.


Once people have been opened up to their pain, they are vulnerable to manipulation. A therapist who needs to control will control his patients and control the course of their therapy, never realizing that his patient needs to lose control into his/her feelings, leading to places the therapist cannot imagine because he won’t let himself lose control. A therapist who acts totally out of control and has an “anything goes” attitude towards therapy will miss the fragile patient who needs structure and so drive someone to madness or suicide. The possibilities for abuse are limitless.


It takes years to train therapists in Primal theory and teach them to do proper Primal Therapy, honed by Dr. Janov and his staff with 30 years of experience into a scientific tool, instead of an art form. We have rarely seen the therapy practiced correctly by others outside of the Center and spend a great deal of time treating patients from these other so-called “primal” clinics. We have seen the damage that can result when therapy is done incorrectly. If you are thinking of having therapy with someone, we will verify any claims they make regarding training with us and address any concerns you may have.




You will find that some people use the term "PRIMAL CENTER" in an obvious deceitful attempt to associate themselves with Dr. Janov's Primal Center in Venice, California. By doing so, they force us to have to clarify the fact that we have no relationship whatsoever with them.

Even though, in some cases, they have spent some time in training at Dr. Janov's Primal Center, none of them is qualified or knowledgeable in the practice of Primal Therapy with the advanced methods and research we use at Dr. Janov's Primal Center.

The neurological field is constantly advancing. Dr. Janov's research and study of that field allows us to understand the Primal process with great accuracy and to apply this knowledge to the clinical treatment of Primal Therapy.

A lot of our therapeutic efforts are directed at correcting the treatment done by so called "Primal Centers" who are practicing a type of treatment that we disapprove of. We recently saw the case of one of their patients who was abreacting deeply and where the therapist was satisfied with her treatment. The therapist was not interested in learning about the necessary measures to help alleviate her patient's problem.

These occurrences greatly sadden us as they contribute to deceiving the public who believes he/she is receiving proper Primal Therapy. Because they recommend themselves as students or associates of Dr. Janov, we feel it is our duty to warn unsuspecting patients whose pain is being manipulated rather than treated properly.


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