Psychotherapies Without Feeling

by Dr. Arthur Janov

Posted June 2005 on




Introduction:  The Dialectics of Consciousness

Chapter 1:  EMDR

Chapter 2:  The Nature of Hypnosis

Chapter 3:  The Nature of Hypnotic Suggestion

Chapter 4:  Restructuring Reality with Hypnotic Pain Control

Chapter 5:  Reinforcing Neurosis with Hypnotherapy

Chapter 6:  Hypnotherapy:  Painwashing, Brainwashing?

Introduction to Chapters on Psychoanalysis

Chapter 7:  The Evolution of Freud's Theory:  Attributing Neurosis to Non-Existent Causes

Chapter 8:  Freud's Theory as Therapy:  The Talking Cure That Doesn't Heal

Chapter 9:  Neo-Freudian Analysis:  The Noncorrective Emotional Experience

Chapter 10:  Behaviorism:  Pushing Feelings Down Instead of Bringing Them Up

Chapter 11:  Humanistic Psychology:  Proclaiming Potential, Ignoring Pain

Chapter 12:  Gestalt Therapy:  Keeping Here Now, Keeping Unfinished Business Unfinished

Chapter 13:  The ABCs of RET (Rational-Emotional Therapy):
Holding Back Feelings with Words

Chapter 14:  Transactional Analysis:  Making a Better Adult Mask

Chapter 15:  Body Therapies:  Mistaking Effects for Causes

Chapter 16:  Conclusions

Appendix:  Primal Therapy:  A Revolutionary Shift in the Paradigm of Psychology, by Agustin Gurza



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