Psychotherapies Without Feeling

by Dr. Arthur Janov

Posted June 2005 on

Grand Delusions:  Psychotherapies Without Feeling by Dr. Arthur Janov has been a "work in progress" for about 20 years.  It was intended as a critique of psychotherapies that do not promote - or actively avoid - the feeling of repressed pain.  Dr. Janov recently wrote a separate book called Primal Healing, which to some extent evolved out of Grand Delusions.  Primal Healing focuses on cognitive therapy and other contemporary therapies that avoid feeling.  This latter book was published in November 2006..  Dr. Janov is not seeking to publish the older Grand Delusions material in paper form.  However, we think the Grand Delusions material is still valuable and a worthwhile read, and may be particular interest to students of the history of psychology and psychotherapy.  Thus, we are posting Grand Delusions online, making it available to anyone who may be interested.  Please note that some of the material remains in relatively rough, unedited form.  Also, note that Dr. Janov has inserted one brand-new chapter on a contemporary therapy, namely Eye Movement Desensitization/Reprocessing or EMDR.

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